BIRAC - Nesta


BIRAC has collaborated with Nesta, a UK based innovation charity organization, for creating a pipeline of innovators for the Longitude Prize, in the area of Antimicrobial Resistance. The Longitude Prize is a £10m prize fund that will reward a competitor that can develop a point–of–care diagnostic test which will help to conserve antibiotics for future generations and revolutionize the delivery of global healthcare.

BIRAC has partnered with Nesta to create a separate pool of India fund which would provide SEED funds to Indian innovators through Discovery Awards. Discovery Awards are small seed grants to help teams and individuals further develop their ideas for the Longitude Prize. Through this partnership BIRAC would be able to take the message of Longitude Prize to a large network of innovators and help to generate good applications for the Longitude Prize.

Nesta had announced a call for soliciting proposals under the Discovery awards.  After  the screening process five each from the UK and India and two from the US were selected and received a grant of up to £25,000 to be used in developing ideas and overcoming technical challenges faced when working on submissions for the main Longitude Prize Challenge. Under the ambit of BIRAC-Nesta partnership BIRAC is funding the five Indian teams to take their innovations forward.