LogIn Instruction
Please read the following instructions carefully before applying:
1 .)   Academic Institution/Trust/Foundation

i.)   Please select this option if you are applying as any of the following.

  • *  Institutions
  • *  Universities
  • *  Public Research Organizations
  • *  Society
  • *  NGO
  • *  Trust
  • *  Foundation

ii.)   While registering for the application, the Academic Institution/Trust/Foundation name may be present in the drop down list, if you have applied to BIRAC schemes prior to this.

iii.)  If not, you will be redirected to a registration page, where you will register your Academic Institution/Trust/Foundation details.

iv.)  Once step ii is completed, the registration details will be cross checked and verified, which will take a minimum of 24 hours. Only once verified will the name of your Academic Institution/Trust/Foundation appear in the drop down list mentioned in point (i).

v.)   Please wait and check that the name has appeared after registration of the company and then continue applying