Projects Supported by BIRAC under CRS
S.No.Applicant NameProposal TitleCityState
1 Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow (CDRI) Development of Small Molecule Inhibitor of PCSK-9, a new target for LDL receptor and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease Lucknow UTTAR PRADESH
2 International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ICGEB Saracatinib AZD0530 , an adjunct therapy candidate for tuberculosis New Delhi DELHI
3 NIMHANS, bangalore Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells and midbrain floor plate cells from Indian ethnicity Parkinsons disease patients. Bangalore KARNATAKA
4 IIT Madras GPU-based software beamformers and advanced color flow imaging for affordable ultrasound system Chennai TAMIL NADU
5 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai Point of care diagnostic test kit for Free and bound cholesterol, HDL and LDL in whole blood Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
6 Indian Institute of Technology delhi Nucleic acid based portable rapid diagnostic platform New Delhi DELHI
7 Dr. NCBisht_NIPGR To Perform Event Selection under Small Scale Open Field Growth Condition and Substantial Equivalence Test of the Low Glucosinolate Brassica juncea Transgenic Lines New Delhi DELHI
8 Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Functional amyloid derived hydrogels as a scaffold for three dimensional in vitro tumor model for evaluating anti-cancer therapeutics Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
9 Central University of Haryana Scale-up Process development for lipstatin an anti-obesity drug production from Streptomyces toxytricini Mahendergarh HARYANA
10 Indian Institute of Technology BHU Understanding the mechanism of action through cell biology and upgradation of herbal drug in solution and biodegradable patch for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer Varanasi UTTAR PRADESH
11 The University Of Burdwan Development of field based rapid hemoglobinopathy - Thalassemia carrier screening kit Kharagpur WEST BENGAL
12 National Chemical Laboratory, Pune Production of low molecular weight fungal chitosan for healthcare applications Pune MAHARASHTRA
13 CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum Edible oil blend from lignocellulosic pentosans and other inexpensive raw materials Dehradun UTTARANCHAL
14 Department of Microbiology, University of Microbiology Using Peptidomimetics to design small molecules from a novel P1 peptide, for its interaction with beta amyloid oligomers by in-silico, in-vitro approaches and its efficiency in clearing beta amyloid load by ex vivo model of Alzheimer’s disease Delhi DELHI
15 Directorate of Oilseeds Research Discovery of genome-wide SNPs and its use in developing a reference linkage map and association analysis in castor Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
16 Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics CDFD To conduct multilocational field trials on transgenic BmNPV resistant silkworm strains to establish their efficacy and generate data for their regulatory approval Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
17 All India Institute of Medical Sciences Validation of a rapid diagnostic method for the detection of HLA allele and its association with cutaneous drug reactions in persons with epilepsy. New Delhi DELHI
18 Univ. Ag. Sciences, Bangalore Validation of Drought Resistance Marker in Rice Bangalore KARNATAKA
19 National Centre for Biological Sciences Validation of novel target for HIV-1: Nef-CD80/CD86 for potential therapeutic intervention. Bangalore KARNATAKA
20 National Chemical Laboratory Identification of Drug Candidates with Improved PK Properties Using Silicon-Switch Approach Pune MAHARASHTRA
21 Indian Agricultural Research Institute Validation of serological diagnostic reagents and kits for plant viruses affecting horticultural crops New Delhi DELHI
22 International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Pre-clinical toxicology studies and Phase I clinical trial with PvDBPII, a novel recombinant vaccine candidate for Plasmodium vivax malaria New Delhi DELHI
23 International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Phase I clinical trial with PvDBPII, a novel recombinant vaccine candidate for Plasmodium vivax malaria New Delhi DELHI
24 Institute of Microbial Technology Development of a novel bioreactor system for for production of IMTECH-laccase and verification of commercial viability of IMTECH process. CHANDIGARH CHANDIGARH
25 Kerala Agricultural University Metabolome analysis in ginger and product development using gingerol Thrissur KERALA
26 Indian Institute of Chemical Technolgy Lead identification and development of aza-Flavanones and triazole derivatives as new anti-cancer agents Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
27 Central Rice Research Institute Association mapping of genes/QTLs for yield under reproductive stage drought stress in rice ( Oryza sativa L.) Cuttack ORISSA
28 Tea Research Association, NBRRDC, Nagrakata Development and promotion of local fungal strains of tea ecosystem for the management of tea pathogens and insect pests with special reference to Darjeeling – An Innovative Non Chemical Approach. Jorhat ASSAM
29 Indian Agricultural Research Institute Magnetopriming of high value vegetable seeds for invigouration and productivity enhancement New Delhi DELHI
30 Bombay College of Pharmacy Optimization and scale-up of developed transdermal delivery system for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
31 Institute of Life Sciences Study to translate CHTX and/or its derivatives for therapeutic intervention in Sepsis Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
32 Amrita School of Biotechnology Cost-Effective Device and Cloud Enabled Smart solutions for diabetes care Kollam, KERALA
33 Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Development of New Class of Glycopeptide Antibiotics for Tackling Drug Resistant Bacterial Infections Bangalore KARNATAKA
34 Tea Research Association Exploitation of tea germplasm available in N E India for developing clones suitable for Green tea, optimization of protocol for manufacturing Green tea Jorhat ASSAM
35 TRPVB - Evaluation of virus like particle vaccine against a fatal viral disease of dogs in target species Chennai TAMIL NADU
36 International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology ICGEB A Phase I, clinical trial to assess the safety and immunogenicity of P.falciparum vaccines New Delhi DELHI
37 National Chemical Laboratory, Pune Toxicological studies of biopesticide formulations Pune MAHARASHTRA
38 Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI) Development and PoC validation of a novel approach to treat HIV infection by integrating anti-viral activity with stimulation of host cell innate immunity New Delhi DELHI
39 National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research Development of PM181108 as an anti-tubercular agent Vasco-da-Gama GOA
40 Indian Institute of Chemical Technolgy IICT Mitochondria-targeted esculetin as an anti-atherosclerotic agent Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
41 Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar MindEye:A low-cost, portable, easy-to-use, eye-tracking device integrated with computerized cognitive tests for early diagnosis of Dementia at community level using big-data analytics in cloud under a highly affordable Software-As-A-Service model. Gandhinagar GUJARAT
42 Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi Preclinical evaluation of Centrin knockout live attenuated Leishmania clinical grade parasite vaccine against visceral leishmaniasis New Delhi DELHI
43 Amity University (Amity Center for Mycobacterial Disease Research) Shielding Livestock from Paratuberculosis using Point of Care Diagnostics PoCD Jaipur RAJASTHAN
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