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IcubedG Ideas Pvt. Ltd incorporated as private limited company by Ministry of corporate affairs in 2008. The purpose of the inception is to establish the culture of Innovative Innovation Industry Generating Ideas concept in health care domain particularly in Reproductive Health Care. Currently the focus is on the RISUG Male Contraceptive. The company IcubedG Ideas Pvt. Ltd. was set up on the instructions of the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to carry out Test Batch manufacturing for supply of RISUG preloaded Syringes to the ICMR for Clinical Trials. The company has evolved all GMP manufacturing procedures with full documentation. The company is manufacturing the RISUG test batches and the ICMR is distributing to the trial centres. R&D related to the development of technologies for manufacturing RISUG to achieve high efficacy and safety has been the area of emphasis. In addition other applications of RISUG in Medical and Non-Medical areas are being explored.

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Sujoy K. Guha

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Professor of Biomedical Engineering



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1. To generate ideas and innovations pertaining to techniques, products and services in the health engineering and science fields with emphasis on the biomedical domain. 2. Obtain Patents or lPR, Copyrights, Design Registrations and Trademarks on technologies generated or acquire from individuals academic and research institutions and companies ideas and innovations acquired. 3. Take forward the ideas and innovations to the level of commercial technologies either by itself or in collaboration with other organizations held by the company. 4. Set up and operate establishments as well as collaborate with other organizations for manufacturing the products and providing the services in lndia and/or abroad. S. Establish and operate Research and Development, Training and Academic institutions which aim to foster creative idea and innovation generation and translation to products and services.

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14, School Lane, Bengali Market Babar Road Central Delhi, New Delhi 110001



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RISUG Male Contraceptive is the main activity domain of the Company. The R&D Director of IcubedG Ideas began RISUG development in 1972. The R&D has been brought to the level of final stages of Phase III Clinical Trial, a status not having been reached by any other, long term acting male contraceptive the world over. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Indian Council of Medical Research asked for the establishment of the Company to take RISUG work ahead. All the RISUG related R&D has been brought into the Company. The focus of the company is to carry out R&D to: 1. Improve the Safety and Efficacy of RISUG male contraceptive 2. Improve and standardize RISUG manufacturing processes 3. New methods of characterization of RISUG 4. Lower RISUG manufacturing costs 5. Develop new applications of RISUG or its variants 6. Address other needs in the field of Reproductive biomedicine