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Monitra Healthcare Pvt Ltd


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Monitra Healthcare is a Hyderabad based med-tech company developing solutions that capture cardiac events anytime anywhere. Our products detect heart rhythm disorders at real-time for pre-emptive treatments. Cardiac monitoring is widely used to identify heart disease, to monitor cardiac activity before and after surgery and other cardiac procedures, and to assess the effects of therapeutic drugs on cardiac activity. The Company’s vision is to dramatically reduce the effects of heart disease by making monitoring and pre-emptive cardiac care a seamless part of everyday life.

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Ravi Bhogu

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Founder & Director



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Medical Sensor Based Disease Management Medical Devices Wearables

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The Catalyst Building, T-Hub, IIIT - Hyderabad Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad - 500032, INDIA



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Awarded Biotechnology Ignition Grant and United States India Science Technology Endowment Fund. Collaboration with DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Centre on development of breathable water-resistant biomaterials for wearables.