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Viravecs Labs is a Bangalore based startup focused on developing tools and therapeutic models for ‘rare genetic disorders’ at the pre-clinical level. BIO International to be held in the USA at San Diego is the perfect platform for Viravecs to showcase its world-class research capacity. America is one of the leading nations to focus exclusively on orphan diseases or rare genetic disorders. Apart from the pharmaceutical companies, numerous patient support groups have formed funds to promote research in the said area. This platform will help us exhibit our progress and ideas to such funders, investors and pharmaceutical companies to help our research reach the patient as early as possible. There are around 7000 known genetic diseases globally: diseases that are caused due to faulty genes and may typically be inherited from the parents. Such disease being rare, are quiet often neglected and there are no known therapies for most of them. Further, since the diseases are genetic in nature, current therapies are only symptomatic in nature. We at Viravecs Labs are well equipped to tackle the above-mentioned problems apart from being well versed with engineered viruses for gene delivery, we are also one of India’s first commercial entities to harness the power of CRISPR-Cas9 based genome editing. We have developed a patented platform to deliver genes at a ‘safe place’ in the human genome this has opened up opportunities to introduce ‘correct genes’ into cells thereby negating the effect of the ‘defective genes’. Viravecs along with its collaborators is also developing a novel gene delivery platform using patented nanoparticles. This platform serves two unmet needs: 1 it will develop disease models to help global research & 2 it will create therapeutic models in small animals mice that can be scaled up and taken to the market by large pharma companies. With our research interest aligned with the global needs, participation in Startup International will boost our image as one of India’s earliest companies focusing on rare genetic disorders and the forerunners in genome editing in India. It will help us generate partnership with global academic labs and pharma companies thereby catapulting research in the area to the next level at a vibrant pace. It will also give us opportunities to raise funds to expand our horizons in the rare disease space.

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Rohan H. Kamat

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Gene therapy, mammalian transgenics, cell line development, viral vectors.

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CCAMP, GKVK Campus, Bellary road, Bangalore - 560065.



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