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Bharat Biotech International Limited Bharat Biotech is an innovation leader and a multi-dimensional biotechnology company, specializing in product - oriented research and development, manufacturing and marketing of human vaccines and bio-therapeutics. Founded by eminent scientist Dr. Krishna M. Ella and Ms. Suchitra K. Ella, Bharat Biotech was established in the year 1996. In a short span of less than 20 years, the company has 20 products in the market and more than 50 patents showcasing innovation and dedicated contribution of its team of scientists and other professionals. The Company’s inline portfolio contains vaccines for Hepatitis B Revac-B® , Hemophilus influenza BioHib® , Polio BIOPOLIO® , Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetanus COMVAC3® , Diptheria, tetanus, pertussis+Hep-B COMVAC4® , Diptheria, Tetanus, pertussis+Hep-b+Hib COMVAC5® Rabies INDIRAB® , Japanese encephalitis JENVAC® , Rotavirus ROTAVAC® and typhoid fever Typbar-TCV® . The bio-therapeutic line of products comprises of BIOGIT®, REGEN-D®, SLVRGEN® and ZELECT®. With the motto of new-molecule based research, Bharat Biotech has proven that developing world manufacturers are innovators and not just bio-generic players. Bharat Biotech is committed to ushering equality in health care and providing affordable, efficacious and safe vaccines.

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Dr. Krishna M. Ella

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Chairman and Managing Director



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Human Vaccines and bio-therapeutics

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Genome Valley, Shameerpet Mandal Hyderabad-500 078, Telangana, India



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Bharat Biotech aims to be one of the leaders of novel,innovative vaccines that would help protect the 7 million emerging countries population.