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LeadInvent Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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LeadInvent Technologies is a privately held lifescience company started in 2007 by a team of scientists and faculty from IIT Delhis Supercomputing Facility. It became first lifesceince spinoff company from IIT Delhi incubation unit and was awarded Asia Pacific Emerging Company of the Year 2011. LeadInvent has developed a unique molecule simulation technology christened LIDiscoverEngine. This powerful simulation technology enables scientists to discover and develop novel patentable compounds for various therapeutic areas. LIDiscoverEngine has been successfully used in over five drug discovery programs spanning Oncology, Infective diseases and neural indications. LeadInvent has been awarded with multiple grants from the Government of India including SBIRI, BIPP and CRS programs. We believe that collaboration and cross expertise team is central to drug discovery. Our goal is to help play a critical role in bringing out therapies for high unmet medical needs. LeadInvent works with partners and collaborators on a risk reward model in translating such therapies into clinics. Value creation is central to a business. LeadInvent invest and partner into programs with clear exit strategy and market demonstrability for building value to our partners and investors.

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Pankaj Sharma

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1. Computer Aided Drug Discovery Accurately predict molecule binding, Study bound vs unbound states of molecules, Off-target activity, Drug Repositioning and Adverse Drug reaction.Fragment-based Discovery 2. Medical Chemistry 3.In vitro and cell level studies

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1st Floor, Plot No. 32, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122052, India



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LeadInvent has developed unique molecule simulation platform christened LIDiscoverEngine . This simulation platform enables scientist to design and study molecules virtually on supercomputing platform before such molecules are synthesized and tested experimentally. This capability of virtual design and testing saves considerable experimental cost and reduces discovery time. More over LIDiscoverEngine provides atomic level insight and unravels the energetics of binding for a protein ligand system. This unique capability guides scientist to discover drugs through a rational approach rather than conventional hit and trial.