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Natural Remedies Pvt. Ltd.


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Natural Remedies is a herbal research based company which manufactures herbal human products HHP and animal health products AHP . Under HHP, it manufactures standardized herbal extracts, straight botanical powders for use in food supplements and complementary medicines and phytochemical reference substances. Under AHP, it manufactures Ayurvedic veterinary medicines and herbal feed supplements. Having acquired success in veterinary field due to scientific validation of the veterinary products, the company diversified to human health care segment in 1996 in which it started to manufacture standardized herbal extracts which could be used as ingredients to nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage also apart from Ayurvedic medicines. The standardized extracts from Natural Remedies are exported to all the developed countries like USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. It has been a pioneer in veterinary herbal products in India.

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Anurag Agarwal

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Managing director



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1. Animal health care 2. Human health care 3. Phytochemical reference substances 4. Contractual research 5. Contractual analysis

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Plot No.5B, Veerasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore, KARNATAKA - 560100 Telephone: 080-40209999 FAX: 80 – 40209817



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Natural Remedies, was formerly known as Indian Herbs, was founded in 1951 by late Sri.Ramlal Agarwal, an entrepreneur with a profound knowledge of herbal medicine. The company has grown over the decades under the able guidance of Sri. R.K. Agarwal, Chairman. In India, veterinary medicines are sold mainly based on the prescription of practicing veterinary doctors who are educated in the western systems of medicine/veterinary science. Thus, in early 1950s when Natural Remedies started approaching veterinary doctors for prescription there was a lot of resistance and the veterinarians demanded scientific evaluation of the Ayurvedic veterinary medicines. As a result of this, since the beginning Natural Remedies has brought in a combination of traditional knowledge with modern technology and generated over 300 scientific reports covering various aspects of safety and efficacy of its veterinary products. Thus the core focus of the research team has been standardization which covers a multidisciplinary gamut of activities, from seed to shelf, within its purview. Natural Remedies R&D centre is a total research facility with a floor area of 16512 sq ft. and an investment of nearly one million USD. The R&D centre adopts a multidisciplinary approach to study natural products. Its various laboratories comprise of Phytochemistry, Bioassay, Cellular assay, Phytopharmacology, Analytical chemistry, Microbiology, Formulation & Development and Agronomy.