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Apcegen Technologies Pvt. Ltd


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Apcegen is fully integrated Innovation driven biopharmaceutical company, with headquarter in Bangalore, INDIA and development centre at SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, Indian Institute of Technology IIT Kanpur, INDIA. Apcegen aims to develop, manufacture and commercialize affordable biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of inflammation and other life threatening medical conditions. The research group at Apcegen focuses on pathway engineering, development of proprietary expression platforms for Microbial and Mammalian systems, and development of novel and scalable processes in microbial and mammalian systems. Apcegen Technologies will use its skills to make affordable biotechnology based healthcare solutions through cGMP compliant fast track development of bioprocesses for the development of cutting edge biotherapeutic products. The unique expertise available with Apcegen Technologies for developing cost effective and efficient bioprocesses will enable rapid and efficient commercialization of affordable, high quality recombinant biotherapeutics.

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Ashutosh Vyas

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Development of novel, cost effective and safer alternate biologics. Development of next generation biotech based drugs. Development of Nano-bio platforms

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Ashutosh Vyas, CEO D105, SIIC Extension IIT Kanpur, Kanpur - 208016



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We are committed to the welfare of the society through bio-innovation. The present project is the first step in our endeavor wherein we have aimed to provide a better and cost effective solution to the people suffering from TNF related autoimmune disorder