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Bhami’s Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. BRL , was incorporated in Karnataka State, India in May 2013. BRL is a privately owned company located in Mangalore, DK, Karnataka State, India. BRL started as a CRO serving Pharmaceutical Companies in the area of protein purification, analytical characterization and formulation. BRL has proprietary novel crystallization technology for the purification of proteins especially monoclonal antibodies from cell culture, transgenic sources or plasma/serum etc. BRL can reduce the cost of manufacturing by eliminating Protein A column in the purification of monoclonal antibodies thus reducing the process time, buffer costs, and column costs. The process is scalable and has been applied to large scale under cGMP manufacturing. Once a protein is in the crystallized state, we formulate it for either oral or injectable delivery. For product candidates that are injected, we use crystallization technology to develop highly concentrated and stable proteins that can be formulated for extended release or low viscosity formulations. BRL’s technology can provide and high concentration formulations and long-acting formulations of parenteral proteins without the need for polymers, pegylation or fusion proteins. In order to generate value from protein crystallization technology, the BRL was established as an operationally and financially independent company.

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Dr. Suryakanth Pai

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Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical Industry, AgriTech

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Bhamis Research Laboratory, Pvt. Ltd II- City Point, Navbharath Circle, Mangalore, India 575 003



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