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Advenio TecnoSys is a team of technology led social entrepreneurs. Advenios specialized focus is low-cost healthcare solutions. Current innovations are artificial intelligence/machine learning based hardware neutral computer assisted detection CADx plugins for consistent diagnosis of critically ill and infected patients in low resource high burden settings with a focus on early detection of avoidable, neglected, infectious diseases and global health. CADx tools have significant impact on mitigating diagnostic uncertainty in interpretation, narrowing differential diagnosis and improving the specificity of early disease recognition. Advenio is currently developing iCheck - A computer assisted tool for identification of abnormality in retinal images, for community level screening for early detection of avoidable visual disabilities and is being funded by DBT-BIRAC and RiView-TB platform for auto/assisted Tuberculosis detection from digital chest x-rays - in association with the National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis NIRT Chennai India, The Asian Institute of Public Health Bhubaneswar India & SRL Fortis Diagnostics - and is funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 2015-2016 . Advenio consists of a compact, dynamic, highly skilled and motivated group mastered in solving critical challenges. Team members are of multifarious disciplines and international exposure having academic backgrounds from top-notch institutions and robust Industry experience.

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Mausumi Acharyya

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CEO & Technology Head



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Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Image Processing, Computer Aided Diagnostics, Affordable healthcare Solutions

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1332, First Floor, Sector - 6, Karnal - 132001

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Advenio has specialized domain knowledge and extensive experience in designing and developing of CAD algorithms and solutions. Advenios technology is centered on tailored clinical protocols, image analysis, computer based pattern recognition, and guided medical image analysis.