BIRAC-Lords Education and Health Society (LEHS), Through its WISH Initiative: Scaling the Innovations

BIRAC partnered with WISH (Wadhwani Initiative for Sustainable Healthcare) Foundation (a Non-Profit Organization involved in taking innovation to the end users) for leveraging the network and engage the SCALE programme of WISH to validate the innovations in primary healthcare centres through state governments. The main objectives of this partnership include:

* Identify and assess need based, high potential innovations and demonstrate their technical worthiness for scale up 

* Conduct field test beds for demonstration of innovations within public health service delivery system

* Build effective partnerships to identify and nurture innovations

* Facilitate introduction and connect of innovators with public procurement initiatives

* Build an innovation ecosystem to accelerate scale-up of innovations


These centers would help to create a pipeline for the state governments to systematically induct promising and high impact innovations on continuous basis. Under this Partnership, BIRAC provides funding support for field validation of 4 BIRAC supported products/technologies per year. WISH as the implementing partner, conducts field trials for technology validation at Primary Healthcare Centers and others closely involving the Startup team.