Indigenous Products and Technologies

Grantee Name Proposal Title Environmental and Health Risk Management Plan (EHRMP)
Theragen Biologics Private Limited    Development and Pre-clinical Evaluation of a Novel Anti-VEGF Biologic molecule to treat Diabetic Retinopathy Click Here
Levim Biotech LLP Development of novel antibody-drug conjugate for treatment of patients harbouring KRAS mutation in adenocarcinoma of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer NSCLC Click Here
OmniBrx Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd Development and Commercialisation of novel single-use bioreactor technology platform for production of Vaccines, Biologics and Stem cell therapies at large scale. Click Here
Indian Immunologicals Limited Development of Recombinant Human anti Rabies Monoclonals for Post exposure Prophylaxis of Rabies Click Here
Lab Iconics Technologies LLP Development of quality management system electronic platform for Biopharmaceutical Industry Click Here
Vcare Biolabs Private Limited Development and Validation of Protein-L Affinity Resin Click Here
CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology Development of potential anti-cancer biotherapeutic bi-specific nano body Click Here
OmniBrx Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd Development of MiniBRx single-use bioreactor system: High-throughput affordable platform for Process Development & QbD studies
of biopharmaceuticals
Click Here
NCL Pune  Development of the affordable chromatography resin for preparative and analytical purification of the therapeutic proteins. Click Here
Himedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd Development and production of affordable serum-free, chemically defined media and feed supplements for therapeutic proteins Click Here