Vision of Programme:

To enable and nurture an ecosystem for preparing India’s technological and product development capabilities in biopharmaceuticals to a level that will be globally competitive over the next decade, and transform the health standards of India’s population through affordable product development.

The mission is focusing on:

  • Development of product leads that are at advanced stages of the product development lifecycle and relevant to the public health need by focusing on managed partnerships.
  • Upgrade shared infrastructure facilities and establish them as shared infrastructure for both product discovery/discovery validation and manufacturing.
  • Satisfy surplus demand for startup incubation space and services (through establishing and strengthening biotech clusters, pertinent consortia and clinical trial networks).
  • Develop human capital by providing specific trainings to address the critical skills gap among nascent biotech companies across the product development value chain, including in business plan development, technology transfer, intellectual property registration and market penetration.

Mission Objective:

  • Foster PDP (product development plan) for the acceleration of the discovery-to-product commercialization process
  • Strengthen shared infrastructure facilities for research and manufacturing
  • Build and strengthen domain-specific knowledge, skills and management.
  • Increase the rate of translation of research ideas into marketable products
  • Provide technical assistance for actors in the industry ecosystem and program management.


Fig: Stage-specific product development support envisaged under the National Biopharma Mission

Fig: National Biopharma Mission – Goals and Impact