BIRAC nurtures and promotes Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem to address the unmet needs in biotech sector including Healthcare, Pharma, Diagnostics, Industrial Biotechnology, Nutrition, Maternal Health, Agriculture, Sanitation and waste management etc. BIRAC acts as a catalyst to strengthen and empower the emerging biotech enterprise in India. It undertakes partnerships with national and international agencies/bodies to empower start-ups and SMEs, enhance capabilities and diffuse innovations through collaborators, facilitate the commercialization of discoveries, and ensure the global competitiveness of Indian enterprises.



BIRAC may identify and partner with an organization through one of the following routes:

  • BIRAC receives and interest from an external agency to partner.
  • BIRAC may approach a potential Partner.



Scope of partnership and/or proposed collaboration should be in alignment with the broad mandate and vision of BIRAC.  A potential collaboration may cover one or more of the various activities related to promoting and nurturing Startups, Innovators, SMEs including but not limited to the following:

  • Mentorship
  • Exchange Program
  • Immersion program in Industry, Institutes, Hospitals, etc.
  • Business & Technical Workshops, Conferences, Focused one on one/group activities
  • Co-funding
  • Awards & Recognition
  • Access to enabling opportunities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Market access
  • Global outreach
  • Joint stakes for co-development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Other activities of mutual interest

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For further partnership-related queries or to submit a partnership proposal, please contact
Ms Shilpy Kochhar,
Head-Business Development & Communications
Email  spedo2[at]birac[dot]nic[dot]in