Bio-NEST was launched by BIRAC with a vision that focused on fostering the biotech innovation ecosystem in the country. Unlike start ups in the IT sector, enterprising ideas in the biotech sector need incubation support of a different kind where they need a landing space to test their ideas, run their operations, have access to high end instrumentations and locate in a place where they connect with other start ups and mentors. Bio-NEST program provides support to establish bio-incubators either as a standalone entity or as a part of the academia. Through Bio-NEST, BIRAC has supported 40 bio-incubators creating a cumulative area of 450075.7 sq. ft. for budding entrepreneurs.

Bio-NEST scheme

Provides incubation space to Start-ups and Entrepreneurs.
Connects industry and academia and enable interactions for efficient exchange of knowledge as well as facilitate technical and business mentorship.
Provides enabling services and required mentorship for IP and Technology management, Legal and Contract, Resource mobilization and Networking platform.
Establishes an efficient governance model.
213 Cr amount committed for BioNEST
450075.7 sq. ft. area for Bioincubation
1,60,000 sq. ft. equipped with High end instrumentation
377 Resident Incubatees supported
137 Jobs created under BioNEST
767 Jobs created by the incubatees
367 Products/Technologies in pipeline
600+ mentors pool (Business,IP, regulators etc.)

Data as on 31st August 2018