The programme has been initiated to support biotechnological product/ technology development by strengthening R&D capabilities of start-ups/companies/ LLPs

The programme provides impetus for pulling the translational ideas past PoC and taking them further along the innovation chain for validation, scale-up, demonstration and pre-commercialization of products and technologies

The programme is operated through two schemes

Small Business Innovation Research Initiative


   Supports development and initial validation of new products and technologies

   The end point of proposed study should be TRL6 and below.

Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme


   Supports validation,demonstration and pre-commercialization of product and technologies.

   The end point of proposed study should be TRL7 or above.


   100% grant form BIRAC to primary + collaborating company (if any)upto 50 lakhs.

   For projects more than Rs. 50 lakhs, BIRAC grant would be Rs.50 lakhs + 50% of the cost exceeding Rs.50 lakhs.


   Irrespected of the amount,BIRAC contribution to the total project cost will not exceed 50%

Common Features

   No ceiling with regard to overall project cost.

   The entire cost to the collaborating academic institution(if any),would be borne by BIRAC.

   Single or consortia of Indian company(ies)(registered under the Indian Companies Act,2013) or Limited Liability Partnership(incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnership Act,2008) with/without an academic partner are eligible to apply.

   Royality will be admissible as per BIRAC guidelines

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