BIRAC has partnered with IKP Knowledge Park to set up the BIRAC Regional Innovation Centre (BRIC) at IKP to advance the mandate of BIRAC in southern India through deeper engagement with life sciences based organizations in the region. BRIC undertook the following three activities:

  • Mapping Regional Innovation Ecosystem
  • Set up an IP and Technology Transfer Cell; and
  • Promote Entrepreneurship development and facilitating networking opportunities for Start-ups, Industry and Academia

During the 3-year period, BRIC focussed on four life sciences clusters in southern India: Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai+Vellore and Thiruvananthapuram+Kochi. RIS mapping was carried out to understand the current status of innovation around these clusters and identify the gaps that hinder innovation. As part of the BRIC mandate, the centre was also involved in various IP & Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship development activities. The Centre facilitated the patent searches, drafting and filing for start-ups, academia and independent innovators and also organized technology showcase, IP awareness & regulatory workshops and provided a platform to connect an entrepreneur to other stakeholders for specific requirements such as clinicians, mentors, experts for IP strategy or regulatory compliance etc.

The key findings from the study were culminated into a report and the insights derived through the exercise were used to recommend policy changes to drive innovation around these clusters. The report was released in the form of a book on October 24, 2016 during IKMC 2016 conference. 

Based on the above pilot exercise, the BRIC activities with the same mandate were extended to cover the following clusters: Ahmadabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bhopal-Indore, Bhubaneshwar and Vizag. This study would provide a comparative and contrasting nature of the various clusters in the country and would provide the changes in these clusters following the recent policy interventions by the government.