BIRAC established its first Regional Innovation Centre (BRIC) at IKP-Knowledge Park, Hyderabad, to further BIRAC's mandate of building a deeper understanding of the capacity and gaps in innovation, technology commercialization and absorption. BRIC started with the mandate of carrying out the following activities:

* Mapping Regional Innovation Ecosystem to understand the capacity and gaps of the innovation ecosystem.

* Setting-up of an IP and Technology Transfer Cell; and

* Promote Entrepreneurship development and facilitating networking opportunities for Start-ups, Industry and Academia.

To understand the evolving nature of regional ecosystems, an extensive Regional Innovation Systems (RIS) study was undertaken largely around four life science clusters in southern India and also in other clusters of Central to provide insights for recommendations specific to these clusters. The study conducted during Phase-1 and Phase-2 came out in the form of a report that summarizes the findings of the study and intends to provide inputs for framing policies for sustained development of life sciences innovation ecosystems.

Based on the learning derived from the Phase I & II studies, Phase III is started for 12 additional clusters covering North and Eastern India to map the innovation ecosystem and to identify the gaps. The aim of the study is to provide a complete holistic picture of innovation ecosystem for all clusters.