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BIRAC Announces Sixth Call for SPARSH - Waste to Value Last Date - 30th Sept, 2017

SPARSH aims at promoting development of innovative solutions to address society’s most pressing social problems through biotechnological approaches. The Scheme has two components: 

a) Product Development

Funding is provided to support innovations towards affordable product development that can bring significant social impact and address challenges of inclusive growth. So far:

  • 20 projects have been supported
  • 8 products/ prototypes/ technologies have been developed


b) Social Innovation Immersion programme (SIIP)

SIIP is an immersion fellowship scheme aimed to create a pool of social innovators/ entrepreneurs who could identify specific social needs & gaps, and bridge them using biotechnological approaches (product or services). So far:

  • 18 social innovators have been mentored through BIRAC – SIIP partners
  • 50 novel solutions identified
  • 12 prototypes have been developed


Under the present call, proposals related to implementation of novel, efficient, cost – effective and environment friendly interventions/ technologies for sustainable management of waste and its conversion to valuable products are invited

Proposals with well-established proof of concept (PoC) may be submitted by Indian companies, LLP, academic institutions, public research organizations either alone, or in collaboration

Proposals are required to be submitted online only. For scheme details and submission of proposal, please log on to BIRAC website (

Last date for Submission of Proposals : 30th Sept, 2017

For queries, please contact 



Head – Investment : or Project Officer :

Announcement Date: 15-08-2017
Last Submission Date: 30-09-2017 12:00 AM

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