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BIRAC Announces Call for Proposals for GCLP Lab 30th June, 2018 - 15th August, 2018 and TRC 30th June, 2018 - 31th August, 2018 under National Biopharma Mission Program

National Biopharma Mission Program: An Industry-Academia Collaborative Mission of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) for Accelerating Early Development for Biopharmaceuticals; to be implemented by Biotechnology Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)-a Public Sector Undertaking of DBT.


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The National Biopharma Mission was approved by the Cabinet for implementation in May 2017 with a total cost US$ 250 million which is co-funded by World Bank 50%.

Mission of the Programme:
To enable and nurture an ecosystem for preparing India’s technological and product development capabilities in biopharmaceuticals to a level that will be globally competitive over the next decade, and transform the health standards of India’s population through affordable product development

1.GCLP Lab for Vaccine Clinical Immunogenicity Evaluation

Applications are invited from institutes/companies/organizations to address the demands of vaccine developers in assessing the clinical immunogenicity of vaccine candidates in clinical trials so as to submit data to regulatory agencies

2.Translational Research Consortia(TRC):

Applications are hence solicited from academic institutions/research labs/industry to apply as a consortium (multi -disciplinary partnerships) for establishment of a Partnership Platform that would ensure a translational ecosystem to improve, standardize and provide support for advancing and evaluation ofvaccines and monoclonal antibodies for any of the diseases-Dengue,Influenza,Chikungunya and Respiratory Syncytial Virus(RSV)

  • Legal eligible Proponents
  • The proposals can be submitted by:
    • Solely by an Indian Company or
    • Jointly by an Indian Company and National R&D Organizations and Institutions; or
    • By a Consortium of Indian Companies along with National Research Organizations etc.


  • Criteria Particulars for the Proponent entities


  • Indian companies

An Indian Company is defined as one which is registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 and minimum 51% of the shares of the Company should be held by Indian Citizens holding Indian passport (Indian Citizens do not include Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) holders

  • Non-profit organizations/ Government entities/ Institutes/ R&D Organizations

This will include Academic Research Institutes, Universities, Research Foundation, Medical Colleges and Institutes – both public and private who are valid legal entities such as Trust, Society or established under central or state statute. 


DBT/BIRAC reserves the right not to process your Proposal should you be ineligible to be a Proponent or should the subject of your proposal not fall within the RFPs’ remit. Mere consideration of the Proposal in no way implies that sanction of Grant-in-aid will be forthcoming.

Proposals are required to be submitted online only. For submission of proposals, applicants need to register with BIRAC through “User Registration”. Additional information on user registration and proposal submission are available online at BIRAC website at

No Hard Copy to be submitted. Proposals submitted online only would be considered.

Last date for Submission of GCPL Lab Proposals:    15th August 2018

Last date for Submission of TRC Proposals:    31st August 2018

BIRAC will ensure maintenance of strict confidentiality of the proposals as per DBT norms.

For any queries, please contact:

Head – Investment:

Announcement Date: 30-06-2018
Last Submission Date: 31-08-2018

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