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Grand Challenges India call on ki knowledge integration Data Challenge for Maternal and Child Health Last Date: 17th August 2018,2.00 PM, IST

The challenge is focused on data science approachesto Improve Maternal and Child Health in India, is a collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development Knowledge Integration (HBGDki) initiative. 


There remain key knowledge gaps in our understanding of how nutrition, prenatal and antenatal care, maternal support, and environmental and social factors contribute to an elevated risk of poor maternal and childhood health outcomes. Such an understanding is required to determine what interventions, including health policies, should be delivered to which group of individuals at what point in their life-cycle to ensure optimal outcomes.


The purpose of this call for proposals is to promote new and novel approaches to analyzing existing public health data in India to produce novel insights which can be used to improve maternal and child health in India and around the world. The explicit idea behind this call is to engage and support a broad spectrum of collaborators - including research and clinical scientists working with data scientists, bioinformatics experts, statisticians, epidemiologists, engineers and computer programmers - to identify how innovative data analytic approaches can be used to develop solutions to tackle the burden of maternal and child health problems in India, more effectively.

Announcement Date: 03-07-2018
Last Submission Date: 17-08-2018 02:00 PM

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