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Special Call for Affordable Health Care Technologies and Products 22nd Batch

Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) is a Government Partnership Programme with industry for support on a cost sharing basis for development of novel and high risk futuristic technologies mainly for viability gap funding and enhancing existing R&D capacities of Start-ups and SMEs in key areas of national importance and public good. DBT is operating this scheme through BIRAC, a Not-for-Profit Company set up by Department of Biotechnology to promote and nurture innovation research in Biotech Enterprises specially Start-ups and SMEs. BIPP has so far executed more than 75 industry partnership agreements for projects focusing on affordable healthcare technologies; food security and energy related needs of the country and also in the area of scale up, biosimilars, vaccines, therapeutics etc.

               Recognizing the importance of supporting development of technologies and products for health care with a view to reduce cost, increase their availability, accessibility and affordability for the society at large, the Third Special Call in the area of Affordable Health Care Technologies and Products  is being announced under BIPP to accentuate the need of such technologies and make an effort to contribute towards fostering the development of affordable healthcare technologies and products having translational attributes and commercialization capability. The proposal may be submitted for any stage of research and development, from pre-proof-of-concept to validation of established technologies. Thematic areas of the present call have been briefly described below:

Diagnostics for infectious disease and allergy

o   Development of point of care and Public health or environment related invitro diagnostics.


Biomedical devices:

o   Novel and innovative technologies addressing health problems and aiming at improving quality of life.

o   Technologies may include, but are not limited to, ventilators, hemostatic and lifesaving devices, paediatric devices, imaging and  monitoring devices or guided interventions, prosthesis, catheter, stents, Infant warmer, drug delivery devices, radiological devices/ product, implants,  (advanced biomaterials, wound therapies, and devices used for infection control, tele-health technologies etc.


Novel and improved vaccines for the following but not limited to:

-HIV, TB, Malaria, Dengue, Multivalent Influenza, Helicobacter pylori, Cancer, Hepatitis viruses

-Rotavirus, Typhoid, Cholera, Japanese encephalitis, Intramuscular polio.

-Single dose vaccines with long lasting protection, Novel Adjuvants, Immunomodulators, Room temperature tolerant (do not require refrigeration), Improved vaccine delivery mechanisms.

Ø  BIPP supports:

•        Large, medium, small scale companies as well as start-ups on cost sharing basis

•        High risk, discovery linked innovation

•        Accelerated technology development

•        Evaluation and validation of biotech products

•        Indigenous discovery, innovation and technology to products

•        Products of national relevance or public benefit

Ø  Support is also available for infrastructure/ facility set up

•        In cases where such a facility leads to R&D capacity building or is required for scale up of an innovative product/process of national importance developed through company’s in-house R&D

Ø  Varying models of grants, loans or grant + loan available.

ü  A single or consortia of Indian company (ies) - Small, Medium or Large having DSIR* recognized in-house R&D unit(s).


An Indian Company is defined as one which is registered under “The Indian Companies Act

1956” and in which 51% (or more) of the ownership is held by Indian citizens (including NRIs).


The proposals can be submitted:

•        by an Indian Company alone; or

•        by an Indian Company along with public sector R&D institution(s), organization(s), laboratory(ies), university(ies) etc.; or

•        by a consortium of Indian Companies; or

•        by a consortium of Indian Companies along with public sector R&D institution(s), organization(s), laboratory(ies), university(ies) etc.


(*Companies in the process of obtaining DSIR recognition may also apply along with the proof of application to DSIR. However, the final decision on such applications would be subject to their getting DSIR recognition)

Proposals are required to be submitted online only.

To submit a proposal online, please log on to the BIRAC website (


Company User Registration is open round the clock.

Online Proposal Submission opens on 16th May, 2012.

No Hard Copy to be submitted. Proposals submitted online only would be considered.

Last date for Submission of Proposals: 30th June, 2012


Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is the BIPP Management Agency (BMA)

and will ensure maintenance of strict confidentiality of the proposals as per DBT norms.


For further details, please contact:

Dr. Renu Swarup, Advisor Incharge-BIPP

Department of Biotechnology

Block No: 2, 7th Floor, CGO Complex

Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003, India



Details of the scheme including eligible categories for proposal submission; models to be supported for infrastructure projects; mechanism of evaluation; guidelines for percentage support as grant and loan; agreement templates; projects being supported etc.

are available at

Announcement Date: 16-05-2012
Last Submission Date: 30-06-2012 12:00 AM

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