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Special Call for Industrial Biotechnology 26th Batch

Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) is a Government Partnership Programme with industry for support on a cost sharing basis targeted at development of novel and high risk futuristic technologies mainly for viability gap funding and enhancing existing R&D capacities of Start-ups and SMEs in key areas of national importance and public good.

DBT is operating this scheme through BIRAC, a Not-for-Profit Company set up by Department of Biotechnology to promote and nurture innovation research in Biotech Enterprises specially Start-ups and SMEs. Major thrust of the programme is towards funding technologies which address a major national problem and/or involves high level of innovation. The proposals spanning across the spectrum of pre-proof-of-concept to validation of established technologies are considered for support in the form of grant and/or loan.


Industrial Biotechnology (IB) is the application of biotechnology using micro-organisms and their derived enzymes for environmental-friendly production and processing of chemicals that have wide ranging usage in several industries be it healthcare/pharmaceuticals, food and feed, paper and pulp, textiles and bio-energy. The benefits derived are plenty with productivity gains and reduction in energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, industrial waste and pollutants.


Industrial Biotechnology which is one of the Priority focus areas plays an increasingly important role and provides solutions to many of India’s current and future challenges.


BIRAC invites proposals through its flagship programme Biotechnology Industry Partnership Programme (BIPP) for development of novel and innovative industrial processes and products in the following areas:

1.      Biotechnological interventions for

a.       Large scale production of high value products such as fine and speciality chemicals, antibiotics, vitamins, etc

b.      Improved enzymatic systems for new and more efficient bioprocesses that show increased yield, quality and purity through bioprocess design, process optimisation and downstream processing;

c.       Production of new and functionalized biopolymers

2.      Conversion of renewable raw materials into sustainable and cost-effective bio-products

3.      Bioremediation (using novel products or methods) and Bioenergy (new biological sources and efficient production processes).

4.      Innovative down-stream processing (economic separation and purification processes for complex biochemical mixtures)

The proposals should either be based on developing innovative new technologies or scale-up and validation of existing technologies. For applications to be considered, they must show results of some initial preliminary studies or proof-of-concept studies.

Ø  BIPP supports:
•      Large, medium, small scale companies as well as start-ups on cost sharing basis
•      High risk, discovery linked innovation
•      Accelerated technology development
•      Evaluation and validation of biotech products
•      Indigenous discovery, innovation and technology to products
•      Products of national relevance or public benefit
Ø  Support is also available for infrastructure/ facility set up
•      In cases where such a facility leads to R&D capacity building or is required for scale up of an innovative product/process of national importance developed through company’s in-house R&D
•      Facility proposed could be in the area of agriculture, healthcare, biosimilars, industrial processes, energy, bioinformatics, genomics and other relevant areas in biotechnology.
Ø  Varying models of grants, loans or grant + loan available.

ü  A single or consortia of Indian company (ies) - Small, Medium or Large having DSIR* recognized in-house R&D unit(s), alone or in collaboration with a partner from another Company/Institute/Organization.

An Indian Company is defined as one which is registered under “The Indian Companies Act

1956” and in which 51% (or more) of the ownership is held by Indian citizens.


(*Companies in the process of obtaining DSIR recognition may also apply along with the proof of application to DSIR. However, the final decision on such applications would be subject to their getting DSIR recognition)


Proposals are required to be submitted online only. To submit a proposal online, please log on to the BIRAC website (


No Hard Copy to be submitted. Proposals submitted online only would be considered.


Last date for Submission of Proposals: 28th February, 2013


Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is the BIPP Management Agency (BMA)

and will ensure maintenance of strict confidentiality of the proposals as per DBT norms.


Details of the scheme including eligibility requirements of the applicant company, collaborating organizations, categories for proposal submission; mechanism of evaluation; guidelines for percentage support as grant and loan; agreement templates; projects being supported etc.

are available at



For any queries, please contact:

Dr. Suraksha S. Diwan

Programme Officer – BIPP, BIRAC

Scientist C, Department of Biotechnology;;

Announcement Date: 01-02-2013
Last Submission Date: 28-02-2013 12:00 AM

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