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BIRAC Announces Challenge Call For Proposals Under PACE Scheme 15th June - 31st July, 2023

Biotechnological research and development in India is largely carried out by academic institutions (universities/research organizations) and to some extent by industry (mostly large companies). By virtue of their strong infrastructure & technical capability academic/ research establishments are mandated to research on variety of problems of national importance and societal relevance. Also, unlike industry, research by academia is not governed by commercial gains alone thus allowing them to work on problems involving even high degree of risk.

To encourage/support academia to develop technology/product (up to PoC stage) of societal/ national importance and its subsequent validation by an industrial partner, BIRAC has launched PACE (Promoting Academic Research Conversion to Enterprise).  

The scheme has two components as below:

1. Academic Innovation Research (AIR): 

The objective of Academic Innovation Research (AIR) scheme is to promote development of Proof-of-concept (PoC) for a process/product by academia with or without the involvement of industry 

2.Contract Research Scheme (CRS):

Contract Research Scheme (CRS) aims at validation of a process or prototype (developed by the academia) by the industrial partner

Under the present call of i4 and PACE schemes, proposals are invited only in areas aligned to
Priority Areas in following fields:
• Devices and Diagnostics
• Vaccines
• Drugs and Biotherapeutics
• Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences and Aquaculture
• Energy, Environment and Secondary Agriculture


a)Under the scheme, academia (Public or Private Institute, University, NGO, or Research Foundation) having a well-established support system for research shall be the primary applicant.

For Public or Private Institute, University, NGO, or Research Foundation, submission of proper registration/ accreditation from a government body is mandatory like UGC affiliation certification AICTE, CSIR /DSIR/SIRO certificate/Bye laws of society/Trust Deed etc whichever is applicable.

Involvement of industry/LLP is optional for AIR Scheme, it is mandatory to have an industrial partner/LLP for CRS


*  Minimum 51% of the shares of the Company should be held by Indian Citizens holding Indian passport (Indian Citizens do not include Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) holders)

*  Minimum half of the persons who subscribed their names to the LLP document as its Partners should be Indian citizens.

*  Participating companies should have adequate in-house facility to address the project implementation aspects (which shall be evaluated during the site visit)  OR  Incubated with any of the recognized Incubation Facility.


*  Public/private university/colleges in India

*  National research laboratories

*  Not-for-profit private research labs/societies/foundation

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Proposals are required to be submitted online only. For submission of proposals, applicants need to register with BIRAC through “User Registration”. Additional information on user registration and proposal submission are available online at BIRAC website at

No Hard Copy to be submitted. Proposals submitted online only would be considered.

Last date for Submission of Proposals:    31st July 2023 5:30 p.m.

BIRAC will ensure maintenance of strict confidentiality of the proposals as per DBT norms.


For any queries, please contact:

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Announcement Date: 15-06-2023
Last Submission Date: 31-07-2023 05:30 PM

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