Request for proposals for Technological interventions for conversion of faecel sludge and MSW to energy and other products

SPARSH is the, Social Innovation programme for Products: Affordable & Relevant to Societal Health


BIRAC, a Public Sector Undertaking of Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India launched this programme highlighting the need of Innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. The scheme tackles major social issues and offers new ideas for wide-scale change.


The scheme aims to invest in ideas and innovations that improve the health and well-being of all Indians and provides affordable product development in the social sector. The scheme also targets creating a pool of Innovators who identify the specific needs and gaps in critical sector and then work towards funding innovative solutions. The social innovators are supported for developing market-based solutions that have a potential to bring breakthrough technologies and product to vulnerable populations.

For more information on the programme please refer to Concept Note

Last date for Submission : 30th September, 2015