• The proposed  BIRAC AcE (Accelerating Entrepreneurs) Fund (hereafter referred to as “AcE Fund”) will , operate as   “Fund  of  Funds”  to   foster  R&D  and  innovation   in  Biotechnology domains (including areas such  as  healthcare,  pharma,  medical  devices,  agriculture, sanitation to name a few). AcE Fund shall invest in and partner with SEBI-registered AIFs (i.e. Venture Funds and Angel Funds).  It is intended that the AcE Fund plugs the gap of the “Valley of Death “encountered by the Biotech start-ups during their product development cycle and growth phase.
  • Detailed Application  are invited from registered daughter funds which are  registered in India  and abide with relevant rules with SEBI Regulation on Venture Funds &  are  set up  to achieve the objectives mentioned above will be eligible from the AcE Fund.


  • The particulars required as per the formats should be submitted duly by the authorized person of the applicant entity, before 31st Dec 2017, 5:30 pm (IST).



  • For Further details write to and