Projects Supported by BIRAC under BIG
S.No.Applicant NameProposal TitleCityState
1 Achira Labs Pvt Ltd Development of an aptamer-based platform to detect novel Tuberculosis markers in human serum Bangalore KARNATAKA
2 Pandorum Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Modular Resilin-mimetic Elastomeric Platform Bangalore KARNATAKA
3 Sea6 Energy Metabolic Engineering of marine bacteria for the production of isobutanol in salt water Bangalore KARNATAKA
4 Western Range Biopharmaceuticals Cancer treatment through autologous activated dendritic cells Ahmedabad GUJARAT
5 Vikas mehra Expression of therapeutic diabody against TNF-alpha and IL-17R Vadodara GUJARAT
6 Codon Biosciences Private limited Enzymatic maceration of mango pulp to produce quality wine Panaji GOA
8 Yashoda Ghanekar Development and Validation of Gene Delivery System for Novel Model Organisms Bangalore KARNATAKA
9 Unilumen Photonics Pvt Ltd Fibre lasers for photoselective tissue ablation Chennai TAMIL NADU
10 GeNext Genomics Pvt Ltd Establishing and Validating a novel drug target in mycobacterium tuberculosis Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
11 Vinod-InSTEM A Yeast based system for protein expression and metabolic engineering Bangalore KARNATAKA
12 Theramyt Biologics Pvt Ltd Development of Fucose Knock out technology platform in CHO S cell line for improved Biotherapeutics Bangalore KARNATAKA
13 BUTACEL BIORESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED Synthetic biology for overproduction of 2,3-butanediol New Delhi DELHI
14 Amit Morey Developing Novel Lactic Acid Bacteria Antimicrobial Interventions to Improve Food Safety and Shelf-Life Kothrud Pune MAHARASHTRA
15 Aspartika Biotech Pvt Ltd Value added products such as nutraceuticals,poultry feed, aqua feed from the wastes/byproducts of palm oil mills and silk reeling industries Bangalore KARNATAKA
17 Nurture Earth Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. Testing the feasibility of Nano magnetic disc based ablation of Cancer cells in vitro Aurangabad MAHARASHTRA
18 OCT Therapies and Research Private Limited Establishment of a Mesenchymal Stem Cell Bank as an Alternative Skin Bank Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
19 Indio Labs Pvt. Ltd. Novel, Percutaneous Soft Tissue Biopsy System with assisted Hemostasis Bangalore KARNATAKA
20 SM Plant Production Technologies Pvt Ltd Upscaling Banana propagation using bioreactors Bangalore KARNATAKA
21 SHANMUKHA INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Hand-held Imaging Flow Cytometer for Quantitative Diagnosis of Malaria Bangalore KARNATAKA
22 Module Innovations Pvt Ltd A simple platform based novel,rapid and color changing one-time and reusable nanofiber strips for selective detection of Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC)O157:H7 Pune MAHARASHTRA
23 Total Potential Cells ‘A novel therapeutic modality using Adipose derived Mesenchymal Stem cells (ADMSCs) for treating Osteoarthritis patients & establishing clinical based evidence’. Vadodara GUJARAT
24 Geniron Biolabs Pvt. Ltd. Bicistronic self replicating DNA vaccine for rabies and immunocontraception in stray dogs Anekal, Bangalore KARNATAKA
25 Praveen Vemula Low-Cost Prophylactic Topical Dermal Cream to Prevent Chronic Exposure of Toxic Pesticides Bangalore KARNATAKA
26 Robust herbals private ltd Development of Long Circulating Biodegradable Nanoparticle MRI Contrast Agents Based on Hydroxypropyl-beta-Cyclodextrin Bangalore KARNATAKA
27 Affigenix Biosolutions Pvt Ltd Development of trypsin resistant PAN reactive trypsin antibodies for industrial application Bangalore KARNATAKA
28 Mallipathra Nutraceutical Private Limited Development of economically viable synergistic nutraceutical formulations with Cordyceps and male silkworm larvae for disorders related to pancreas, kidney, liver, impotency etc. by culturing Cordyceps on silkworm in an artificial environment Bangalore KARNATAKA
29 Jonathan D. Pillai An implantable drug-delivery device for improving Tuberculosis treatment adherence and compliance Pune MAHARASHTRA
30 KARTHIK CHETHAN VENKATESHAN 3D printer filaments that are biomaterial-based and eco-friendly HYDERABAD ANDHRA PRADESH
31 String Bio Private Ltd Economical process for conversion of waste to green chemicals Malleshwaram, Bangalore KARNATAKA
32 InnAccel Consulting Services Private Limited A safer and easier Nasal foreign body extractor for clinicians in under-served areas. Bangalore KARNATAKA
33 Viravecs Labs LLP Development of a novel technology for generation of stable transgenic systems with no off-target effects. Bangalore KARNATAKA
34 Bugworks Research India Pvt. Ltd. Unravelling mechanism of action for anti-bacterial compounds emerging from phenotypic screens Bangalore KARNATAKA
35 Srividya Janani Venkatraman-Biomoneta Research Private India Limited Mapping of Prochiral Chemical Space covered by Ketoreductases Bangalore KARNATAKA
36 B. MOHANA SUBRAMANIAN Novel Therapeutic interventions against fatal canine viral pathogenisis Chennai TAMIL NADU
37 Kinome Pharma Private Limited Evaluation of Clovamide analogs as novel Neuroprotective Agents for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Bengaluru KARNATAKA
38 Shilps Sciences Private Limited Atomic Force Probing of cells for clinical and pharmaceutical applications Bangalore KARNATAKA
39 Coeo Labs Private Limited Novel and effective way to reduce the risk of ventilator associated pneumonia Pune MAHARASHTRA
40 Srujan Kumar Marepally Bile acid lipoids as potential therapeutics for psoriasis HYDERABAD ANDHRA PRADESH
41 SCIDOGMA RESEARCH SCIENTIFIC NETWORKS PRIVATE LI Development of highly sensitive and portable optical microscope for malaria parasite detection. Bangalore KARNATAKA
42 SOUMEN ROY Harnessing cheater cells for probiotics: applying game theory for nutrition and health Kolkata WEST BENGAL
43 Df3d creations private limited Conversion of CT/MR data to 3d printed models help the surgeons plan surgery more accurately by means of better implants thereby increasing accuracy & reducing time taken for actual procedure. This brings down costs, increases throughput & accuracy. Bangalore KARNATAKA
44 Vital Bioscientific Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Development of a novel monolayer based parallel artificial membrane permeability assay to determine permeability of new chemical entities and drugs Chennai TAMIL NADU
45 Aten Biotherapeutics Pvt. Ltd. First-in-Class Therapeutics for Lysosomal Storage Disorders Bangalore KARNATAKA
46 PENTAVALENT BIO SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED PentaFluVac – An indigenous replication-incompetent viral vaccine for avian, swine and human influenza MYSORE KARNATAKA
47 K. Naga Mohan Automated detection of abnormal copy number variants in human diseases Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
48 Yostra Labs Private Limited Warm Oxygen Therapy for Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Bangalore KARNATAKA
50 SIAMAF Healthcare Private Limited Pulse Induction Magnetic Nanoparticle Detector for Lymph Node Mapping Bangalore KARNATAKA
51 Openwater.In Hassle Free Waste Water Treatment: From Water-bottles for Individuals to Systems for Communities Bangalore KARNATAKA
52 CLEANERGIS BIOSCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Molasses Spent Wash Treatment – Decolourization, Detoxification leading to algal biofuels. Bangalore KARNATAKA
53 Prasanth Rathinam Development of antiquorum sensing coated catheters to reduce device associated urinary tract infection Vellore TAMIL NADU
54 Spot Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd Rapid, low-cost and non-invasive point-of-care diagnostic device for neonatal sepsis. Pune MAHARASHTRA
55 Terra Blue Exploration Technologies Pvt Ltd TJay - An Innovative Solution for the Prediction & Management of Epilepsy Bangalore KARNATAKA
56 Oreva Medicare Research Pvt. Ltd An Affordable way to non-surgically rehabilitate patients who have undergone laryngectomy to restore near normal voice Bangalore KARNATAKA
57 Tejomir Diagnostics LLP Development of a novel medical device for early detection of Liver disease Chennai TAMIL NADU
58 Bagmo Private Limited A smart blood bag monitoring device for safe and reliable blood transfusion in rural India. Vadakara KERALA
59 Mimyk Medical Simulations Pvt Ltd A Virtual Reality (VR)-based endoscopy simulator Bengaluru KARNATAKA
60 Giga Builders Pvt Ltd Development of automated remotely monitored MLM for real time measurement of ET and Soil Moisture status Bangalore KARNATAKA
61 Nesa Medtech Pvt. Ltd Affordable and Minimally Invasive therapy for woman with Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids. Bangalore KARNATAKA
62 Sekkei Bio Private Ltd Establish peptide editing platform for oral delivery of peptides Bangalore KARNATAKA
63 Theevanam Additives and Nutraceuts Pvt. Ltd. Development of improved β-glucan based natural immunity booster for shrimp aquaculture with enhanced absorption and potency. Chennai TAMIL NADU
64 Prantae Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Development of novel and ultra sensitive method for amplification less measurement of miRNA to enable early diagnosis of Pregnancy disorder- Preeclampsia at affordable cost. Bhubaneswar ORISSA
65 QAWACH BIO PRIVATE LIMITED A Novel and Cost-Effective Time-Based Point-Of-Care for Early Diagnosis of Renal Injury Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
66 Plabeltech Private Limited Protein Labeling Technologies [Previous evaluation: BIRAC/CCAMP0362/BIG-09/16] Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH
67 Eyestem Proof of concept study to evaluate safety and efficacy of two dimensional 2D photoreceptors vis-a-vis three dimensional 3D optic cup like retinal organoids in in animal models of retinal injury Ahmedabad GUJARAT
68 EMPATHY DESIGN LABS PRIVATE LIMITED To design and develop "Reduced Foetal Movement Monitor" for pregnant women to avoid the risk of Stillbirth. MEERUT UTTAR PRADESH
69 Snaayu Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Novel Analgesics from Cone Snail Venom Peptides Bangalore KARNATAKA
70 Luxmatrainnovations Private Limited Nano-Biomineral Theranostic Agent for Image Guided RF Hyperthermia of Liver Tumor Ernakulam KERALA
71 MERCURI BIOTECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Δ delta -nuQleo- A novel technology for quantitative differentiation of DNA as a replacement for agarose electrophoresis and spectrophotometry. Bangalore KARNATAKA
72 Mahesh H B Characterization and Commercialization of novel strains of Bacillus species and their anti-phytopathogenic compounds for managing plant diseases Bengaluru KARNATAKA
73 Mocxa Health Private Limited An accurate, automated, accessible and affordable solution for seizure diagnosis Bangalore KARNATAKA
74 Cartosense Private Limited Portable Surgical Navigation System Nasik MAHARASHTRA
75 Rohit Hiwale Scalable Tele-Pathalogy platform with affordable hardware and low data footprint Bangalore KARNATAKA
76 Kyntox Biotech India Pvt Ltd Development of a Rapid Point-Of-Care Test Kit to Identify the Bitten Snake Species Chittoor ANDHRA PRADESH
77 Neospec Labs Private Limited Device for rapid and accurate point of care measurement of Total serum bilirubin for Diagnosis of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. Bangalore KARNATAKA
78 Prof. Utpal Tatu Animal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Bangalore KARNATAKA
79 Hanugen Therapeutics Private Limited Scale-up and Automation of synthesis of novel Morpholino Nucleic Acid as therapeutic potential for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Bangalore KARNATAKA
80 HarvestWild Organic Solutions Extraction and isolation of Saponins from agricultural and forest biomass and its commercialization as an eco-friendly, renewable and hypoallergenic surfactant for use in home-care, personal care and beverage products. Bengaluru KARNATAKA
81 VNIR Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd Development and validation of nanoparticle based high fidelity cell-free-DNA extraction kits for cancer to prenatal diagnostics Bangalore KARNATAKA
82 LOG 9 MATERIALS SCIENTIFIC PRIVATE LIMITED Graphene oxide GO mediated removal of recalcitrant biofilms and their healthcare associated infections HAIs ROORKEE UTTARANCHAL
83 THOMAS BIOTECH and CYTOBACTS CENTRE FOR BIOSCIENCES OPC PRIVATE LIMITED Feasibility of Long-term Micropropagation of Papaya [Carica papaya L.] and the Prospects of Commercial Level Scaling Up Bangalore KARNATAKA
84 MUSE Diagnostics Pvt Ltd Taal: A Digital Stethoscope for everybody Bangalore KARNATAKA
85 Althion Tech Innovations Pvt Ltd Indigenous Smart Device to Produce Ultra-pure Type-1 Water for Biotech and Healthcare Hyderabad TELANGANA
86 Dr. Haripriya Sumana Gosakan Advanced Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices BANGALORE KARNATAKA
87 H N SUMA Affordable Portable Medical Kit for Road Traffic Emergencies and Traumas Bangalore KARNATAKA
88 Drumlins Water Technologies PVT LTD D-Flo Development of Affordable Defluoridation Technology Tonk RAJASTHAN
89 Tranalab Private Limited Cost-effective Platform Technology for Production of Biotherapeutics Bangalore KARNATAKA
90 Gowsiya Shaik Aeroponic technology for the Coleus forskohlii and Vetivera zizanoides for improved production of roots containing active principles BENGALURU KARNATAKA
91 Ram Rajasekharan Development of novel, economical process for the recovery of Sucrase Inhibitor from sugar refinery spent for controlling calorie intake Thanjavur KARNATAKA
92 Carditek Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd. A 12 lead patch ecg with active capacitance sensors in a proved new lead placement BANGALORE KARNATAKA
94 Farm Gulp Pvt. Ltd. Isolation of Bioactives from Agricultural waste Arecanut Sludge for the production of Active Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Ingredients which finds application in major industries. Yellapur, Uttara Kannada KARNATAKA
95 DEEPTHY ARAVINDAKSHAPILLAI Safety and efficacy of drug eluting nanotextile integrated metallic stents to prevent biliary obstruction Kochi KERALA
96 VT ECOGREEN TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Optimization, design and development of a novel enzymatic technology for production of white pepper from dry black pepper. Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
97 Dilip S AKICare: Development of device, and method of monitoring Acute Kidney Injury in critically ill patients ANEKAL, BANGALORE KARNATAKA
98 Sirfbio Pvt. Ltd. Development of novel platform technology for nucleic acid extraction system integrated with real time PCR , for microbial detection,Ideal for field application. Hyderabad TELANGANA
99 Bioroot Exploration India Pvt Ltd Nano-lipid emulsion for diagnostic imaging Thiruvanathapuram KERALA
100 Dr. A. Michael "Developing Highly purified, cost effective Chicken Egg Yolk IgY antibodies that enables improvement in Food nutrition and Healthcare in Humans and Animals" Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
101 Deevish N D Epiclose – epidermal autograft system for wound healing Bangalore KARNATAKA
102 Aman Aggarwal A novel in-vivo drug pre-screening platform for neurodegenerative diseases Bengaluru KARNATAKA
103 Lifespark Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Improving mobility in Parkinsons Disease through Artificial Intelligence Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
104 Dr. Balasubramanian Natarajan Diagnosis of invasive fungal infections in immunocompromised patients admitted under critical care settings. Bangalore KARNATAKA
105 Aditya Kabra To demonstrate proof of concept for nanocellulose based 100 percent compostable single-use products. Pune MAHARASHTRA
106 Skyfire Applied Intelligence Pvt Ltd Mobile Oral cancer screening device using Artificial Intelligence. Bangalore KARNATAKA
107 Seragen Biotherapeutics Pvt Ltd. A Novel sperm transportation medium using a thermoreversible gelation polymer, N-isopropylacrylamide-based copolymer: SeraGel® Bangalore KARNATAKA
108 Tanmay Sutaria Design & development of a State of the Art IoT Enabled Peristaltic Intravenous Infusion Pump with the goal of improving Clinical Care Standards and Nursing Efficiency Ahmedabad GUJARAT
109 Autoyos Private Limited Development of an affordable, comprehensive, non-invasive and smart diagnostic tool for dry eye disease Bengaluru KARNATAKA
110 Manivannan Doraipandian IoT Device for Rapid Quality Assessment of Food Grains in Godown Thanjavur TAMIL NADU
111 Prakhoj Private Limited Malodour management and long lasting freshness by a novel technology for Health and Hygiene Bengaluru KARNATAKA
112 NanoSniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Rapid Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction by sensing Cardiac Markers using Micro Cantilever Technology Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
113 Novo Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Study, Design and Development of Hit Molecules for Type II Diabetes New delhi DELHI
114 G.M. Biotech Development of Diagnostic Reagents for Acute Myocardial Infarction Pune MAHARASHTRA
115 Jayant Karve Intraosseous Device New Delhi DELHI
116 Innovator Lab Consultants India Private Limited Mechanical Heart Valve Fixation System: An improved design for superior cardiac performance Delhi DELHI
117 I4Vision Diagnostics Personal Ophthalmic Diagnostic System (PODS) New Delhi DELHI
118 AMNIVOR MEDICARE PRIVATE LIMITED Production of collagen and by-products from fresh water fish origin for biomedical applications Kharagpur WEST BENGAL
119 Nano Dx Pvt. Ltd Design and Development of a Rapid Point-of-Care Device for Endotoxin Detection in Critically Ill/Septicemia Patients New Delhi DELHI
120 Actorius Innovations and Research Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells by Multifunctional Highly Dispersible Polymeric-Magneto-Antibody Nanosystem Pune MAHARASHTRA
121 Mahesh Shanker Dhar Use of Novel Superoxide dismutase with anti-ageing properties as oral supplement and cosmetics. NOIDA UTTAR PRADESH
122 SITA LOGICS PRIVATE LIMITED Biomimetic Bone Substitutes: A proof of concept prototype for synthetic bone substitute consisting of a nano composite of Demineralised matrix and hydroxyapatite. Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
123 A.Pallavi Deglycosylated ethnic banana as a mucosal health protectant Chengelpet TAMIL NADU
124 Identification of novel MYC inhibitors from the medicinal plants of North East India Guwahati ASSAM
125 SG ArtHeart Private Limited Keyhole surgery replaceable artificial heart New Delhi DELHI
126 Dr. Ajit Varma Interaction of Nano-embedded Piriformospora indica with the plant of medicinal importance, Brasicca oleracea var. Botrytis (Broccoli) Noida UTTAR PRADESH
127 Sushanth Pooojary Development of a commercial grade low cost Arterial pulse analyzer Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
128 Feplen Healthcare Research Pvt. Ltd Transdermal Iron Replenishment Therapy Bangalore KARNATAKA
129 Gowrishankar.W mCAPD Mobile Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis Chennai TAMIL NADU
130 M K Reddy Production of Phytate free food grains: Effective strategy to deal with Micronutrient deficiency Delhi DELHI
131 YAATHUM BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Developing a rapid multiplex test to diagnose Extensively drug resistant (XDR) TB and Multidrug resistant(MDR)TB Chennai TAMIL NADU
132 Nextec Lifesciences Pvt Ltd Introduction and development of a new DNA based kit for Early and accurate diagnosis of Tuberculosis Lucknow UTTAR PRADESH
133 Sakosh Biotech Private Limited Development of an Indigenous Rapid Card Test to detect IgM against TORCH infections in Prenatal and Perinatal cases using recombinant proteins as capture antigens Vasundhara Ghaziabad UTTAR PRADESH
134 Bhamis Research Laboratory Pvt. Ltd Process Crystallization as a Purification Tool to Therapeutic Antibody MANGALORE KARNATAKA
135 NAYAN EYE CENTRE PRIVATE LIMITED Pupil Expansion Devices and Delivery System Kolkata WEST BENGAL
136 ABHIJITH BAILUR An innovative, hand-held (pen-styled) sensor system for early identification of coarctation of aorta in neonates , Noida UTTAR PRADESH
137 Sarita Ahlawat Development of an early Breast and Cervical cancer detection method using novel, high resolution digital holographic microscope New Delhi DELHI
138 Vivekanandan Perumal Rapid diagnosis of bacterial gastroenteritis in resource poor-settings New Delhi DELHI
139 Prof. Neera Bhalla Sarin Innovative approaches for upscaling natural α-tocopherol production from engineered Brassica juncea (Indian mustard) for therapeutics NEW DELHI DELHI
140 Cutting Edge Medical Devices Pvt. Ltd. Scintilla - a portable urine protein analyzer device for Mass Healthcare Indore MADHYA PRADESH
141 Pawan Mehrotra Development of affordable breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras for breast cancer patients. Faridabad HARYANA
143 Anupam Bam Design and development of a low cost, easy-to-use stretcher, for complete immobilization of spine and limbs, and shock absorption, during transport of physical trauma patients Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
144 Dr. Alka Banker Manufacturing of a new 'universally adjustable' orthodontic bracket Ahmedabad GUJARAT
145 Vikas Karade X-ray based Patient Specific Instrumentation for Knee Replacement Surgery Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
146 TestRight Nanosystems Private Limited Fat measuring device for small dairy farmers. Ghaziabad UTTAR PRADESH
147 Sarat Chandra Development of Customized C1-C2 Joint Spacers To Reduce Basilar Invagination And Atlanto-Axial Dislocation And Re-Align Cranio-Vertebral Junction Deformity NEW DELHI DELHI
148 AARTI SHARMA Production and upscaling of Polyhydroxyalkeonate(PHA) from non-carbonated soft drink waste of beverage industry HISAR HARYANA
149 IITD Technology Business Incubator 3D Bioprinting for patient-specific constructs and in vitro disease models New Delhi DELHI
150 StellarGene Technologies Pvt Ltd A novel, cost-effective diagnostic test for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing. New Delhi DELHI
151 CORDWOOD TECHNOLOGIES LLP Uterotone: A cost-effective, reusable, novel surgical tool set to arrest post-partum haemorrhage in women due to uterine atony and placenta previa in caesarean section and vaginal delivery at low resource public health facilities. Pune MAHARASHTRA
152 Helixworks Parallel assembly of very short oligonucleotides to build gene length DNA Tadepalli ANDHRA PRADESH
153 Fermentech Labs Production of a thermo-tolerant and acid stable phytase in a novel SSF bioreactor Roorkee UTTARANCHAL
155 Dr. Rupesh Chaturvedi Bio-engineered mesoporous dialysis nano-beads for the specific removal of excess body toxins, water and ions from kidney failure patients New Delhi DELHI
156 Entrepreneurship Development Center Proof of Concept for a Gut Microbiome Enzyme Formulation to Control the Serum Cholesterol Level Pune MAHARASHTRA
157 Piscium Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd Nano-engineered dental burs with better durability, efficiency, heat conduction, and reduced vibrations Navi Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
158 Dr Vandita Kakkar Proof of Concept Studies on Combinatorial Novel Nanolipid Hybrid of White Curcumin and Tacrolimus for Dermatitis Chandigarh CHANDIGARH
159 TURIYA INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED MinDevice - A standalone wearable high performance consumer device & developer platform for acquiring EEG with self adjusting frame & electrodes, to analyse & learn brain data along with a user interface to communicate between brain & computer. New Delhi DELHI
160 Next Big Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. Development of 3D Bioprinted Skin for Pharmaceutical, Clinical and Cosmetic Research and Development Bangalore KARNATAKA
161 Md Imteyaz Alam Integrated Fermentation and Catalytic Processing to Produce Food Grade Flavoring Agents from Biomass Delhi DELHI
162 Devendra Dubey Development of a surgical suction cannula with an integrated surgeon controlled touch activated irrigation system for use in surgeries performed under the surgical microscope New Delhi DELHI
163 Valetude Primus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Fluorescence & Artificial Intelligence-based Cell Enumeration and Imaging Technology for Tuberculosis Detection Delhi DELHI
164 Shivanshi Novice Zyme 001: A closer look into enzymatic biotransformation/s Chandigarh CHANDIGARH
165 Pooja Goswami A novel device to detect gram- negative bacterial infection and antibiotic resistance in patients with Acute Leukemia Delhi DELHI
166 Flexmotiv Technologies Private Limited Flexcrutch: Flexure and Kinetic Shape based Crutches for enhanced mobility and reduced energy consumption Chennai TAMIL NADU
167 Dr. Rajkumar Halder Writable-erasable coatings on articles and usage thereafter with high positive social impact New Delhi DELHI
168 Munna Lal Yadav Development of Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein 7 PAG-7 based proof of concept POC for early detection of pregnancy in bovine using blood/serum as a source Karnal HARYANA
169 Krishak Agroconnect Private Limited Crop Disease Diagnosis using Artificial Intelligence PANCHKULA HARYANA
170 Machphy Solutions Private Limited Cry-cool box for end-point biotech coldchain Bhubaneswar ORISSA
171 Sonant tehcnologies Pvt Ltd An Assistive communication device for Speech and Hearing Disabled people which aids in both hearing, speaking and Alerts Jaipur RAJASTHAN
172 Sm Learning Skills Academy For Special Needs Pvt l Behavioral Evaluation & Standardized Treatment for Mental Disorders BEST-MD - Machine learning driven assistive technology to assess and treat children diagnosed with mental disorders such as Autism, dyslexia and ADHD. GURGAON HARYANA
173 Dr. Saakshi Dhanekar Indigenous alcohol breath analyzer for prevention of drink and driving cases NEW Delhi DELHI
174 Anasuya Roy Antimicrobial water storage containers for underprivileged urban and rural population Delhi DELHI
175 Reconstructive Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd Fabrication of Patient Specific facial rehabilitation system with regenerative capacity Faridabad HARYANA
176 Medzak Healthcare Private Limited Development of Novel, Low-cost, Portable Point-of-Care Integrated Diagnostic Imaging System for Ocular Health New Delhi DELHI
177 Clensta International Private Limited Biosurfactant Based Toothpaste Safe to Swallow NEW DELHI DELHI
178 Anurag Gupta & Team Development of a Thermostable Combined Sheep Pox, Goat Pox and PPR Vaccine Faridabad HARYANA
179 Anusha Matadh Sublingual Microneedle Technology for Reducing Mortality Rate due to Heart Attack BENGALURU KARNATAKA
180 Genetico Software based platform to provide deep phenotyping, pedigree builder, diagnostic assistance, clinical profile matching and compliant patient information management capabilities to experts and organizations in the field of genetics. Jammu JAMMU & KASHMIR
181 Sabio Innovative Solutions Pvt Ltd A Platform for Rapid Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) and Assessment Of Bacterial Load Bangalore KARNATAKA
182 Vitas Pharma Research Private Limited Novel inhibitors of DNA Gyrase for the treatment of multidrug resistant infections Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
183 Crystalin Research Pvt Ltd Pharmacological Evaluation of N-oxide Metabolite of Antipsychotic Drug for Type 2 Diabetes Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
184 Seagull BioSolutions Pvt. Ltd Novel Oncotherapeutic Measles Virus using eSAME system Pune MAHARASHTRA
185 Pradin Technologies Pvt Ltd Fetal Electrocardiogram and Uterine Activity signal extraction from Maternal Electrocardiogram eliminating the need for the use of conventional transducers Bangalore KARNATAKA
186 Zephase Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd. Creation of transgenic zebrafish as cancer models Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
187 GPS Renewables Private Limited Biochemical Research & Development to Improve the Efficacy of a Dry, Thermophilic, Anaerobic Reactor Bangalore KARNATAKA
188 PAHL Nanobiotherapeutics Pvt.Ltd. Engineered stable, nano-sized bubble liposomes - a commercially viable drug delivery platform Brisbane
189 Swayambhu Biologics Private Limited Bioremediations for Agro Industrial Solid Wastes By ARBIT for Effective Management through Energy and Biomanure conversions Chennai TAMIL NADU
190 Windmill Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Novel Integrated resuscitation solution to empower front-line health workers to resuscitate newborns effectively New Delhi DELHI
191 Sohum Innovation labs India Pvt. ltd. A novel device to screen newborns for hearing loss in resource poor settings. Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH
192 Kwaklei and Khonggunmelei Orchids Pvt. Ltd. Clonal propagation of elite genotype of orchid hybrids synthesised in Manipur for commercial cultivation Imphal MANIPUR
193 MUGAGEN LABORATORIES PRIVATE LIMITED Exploring Muga silk fibre as a promising suture material Guwahati ASSAM
194 Vegrandis Therpautics Private Ltd Delivery and retention of Irinotecan loaded magnetic nanoparticles for treatment of brain tumors. Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
195 WOBBLE BASE BIORESEARCH PRIVATE LIMITED Development of a novel fungal biocontrol agent using protoplast fusion technology to target drug resistant gastrointestinal cattle worms responsible for reducing productivity, by an ecofriendly approach. Pune MAHARASHTRA
196 Jeevtronics Pvt Ltd World's Most Affordable, long life Defibrillator that is Battery less, Hand Cranked, Rugged with reusable paddles. Pune MAHARASHTRA
197 Genrich Membranes Pvt. Ltd. Hollow Fibre Membrane Based Low-Cost Oxygen Concentrator for Medical Applications Pune MAHARASHTRA
198 FERMENTECH GSV PRIVATE LIMITED Metabolic engineering of Pseudomonas putida for 3-Hydroxypropionic acid production THANJAVUR TAMIL NADU
200 ORTHOCRAFTS INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Bioabsorbable implants based on polylactic acid (PLLA) Pune MAHARASHTRA
201 Sky Solar & Power India Limited A Novel method of converting Agri Waste to Energy with direct benefit to farmers: Use Rice Husks to produce Carbon-coated Nanoporous Si/SiO2 for Li-ion batteries & create THRIFT fund for farmer contribution for solar water pump under subsidy scheme Chennai TAMIL NADU
202 RegGenSol 3-D Bone Graft and GBR Membrane for Maxillofacial and periodontal repair: Towards a clinical study Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
203 Abhiruchi Probiotics Pvt Ltd A novel formulation for Probiotic food additive. Pune MAHARASHTRA
204 BAREFEET ANALYTICS PRIVATE LIMITED Laser Desorption / Ionization Mass Spectrometric (LDI MS) solutions for High throughput Detection & Analysis of Residual Compounds, Contaminants and Small Molecules in Milk & Dairy Products Pune MAHARASHTRA
205 PREGEN RESEARCH LAB PRIVATE LIMITED Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis kit for sickle cell anemia Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
206 BIOLMED INNOVATIONS Pvt. Ltd Osteoconductive bone graft substitutes Pune MAHARASHTRA
207 NATURLICH GLOBAL BEVERAGES PRIVATE LIMITED Production of non alcoholic drink enriched with essential vitamins and minerals by microbial fermentation of natural raw materials SECUNDARABAD ANDHRA PRADESH
208 Sushma S Meshram Application of pentose utilizing yeast strain(s) for higher ethanol production from hemicelluloses Vadodara GUJARAT
209 Brun Health Pvt Ltd Brun - A perinatal monitoring device New Delhi DELHI
210 VIVIRA PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED VodCa for Distillery Industry [VodCa: Vortex Diode based Cavitation Devices] Pune MAHARASHTRA
211 ANNWESHAN SCITECH PRIVATE LIMITED Development of a novel diagnostic kit for Tuberculosis Pune MAHARASHTRA
213 Monitra Healthcare Pvt Ltd Remote Cardiac Monitoring and Real-Time Outpatient Cardiac Telemetry Hyderabad ANDHRA PRADESH
214 GREEN PYRAMID BIOTECH. PRIVATE LIMITED Bio-Synthesis, Production and Formulation of Sophorolipids for the purpose of Sanitizing/Sterilizing Fruits and Vegetables. Pune MAHARASHTRA
215 Nayam Innovations Pvt. Ltd. ISITE Intra-Ocular Lens for spectacle free vision Pune MAHARASHTRA
216 AlgalR NutraPharms Private Limited Establishment and Validation of Commercially Viable Technologies for the Production of Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Marine Microalgae Thanjavur TAMIL NADU
217 AIndra Systems An Affordable, 'Point-of-sample collection' Cervical Cancer screening tool Bangalore KARNATAKA
218 SASCAN MEDITECH PRIVATE LIMITED Development of Oral Cancer Screening Camera Thiruvananthapuram KERALA
219 PathShodh Healthcare Private Limited Development of Handheld Device for Glycated Hemoglobin and Albumin Sensing Bangalore KARNATAKA
220 CONNVIVA TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Wearable and Implantable Sensors for Connected Health Pune MAHARASHTRA
221 Fluorogent Analytics Pvt. Ltd. Novel diagnostic kit for Cysteine Pune MAHARASHTRA
222 Altreal Bio-Innovations Pvt. LTd Affordable Maxillofacial Prostheses Pune MAHARASHTRA
224 Ashis Kr. Mukherjee Development of a cost-effective, novel antithrombotic anticoagulant herbal drug and standardization of its biomarker assisted quality control Tezpur ASSAM
225 Shira Medtech Pvt. Ltd. Development of surgical instrument for facilitating an easier and faster process for vascular anastomosis in vasculature of all sizes AHMEDABAD GUJARAT
226 Tritek Innovation Pvt. Ltd. Development of a highly specific and sensitive, affordable and field deployable finger-prick whole blood compatible point-of-care strip test for typhoid diagnosis Faridabad HARYANA
227 AptaBharat Innovation Pvt Ltd Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen-detection based point-of-care test using aptamer technology for tuberculous meningitis (TB meningitis) Faridabad HARYANA
228 Theranosis Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Microfluidics chip based point of care medical device for detection and enumeration of circulating tumor cells Hyderabad TELANGANA
229 Genzir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Development of kits for isolation of adipocyte-derived stem cells for prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine Hyderabad TELANGANA
230 Kalam Biotech Pvt. Ltd Production of Biofungicide Iturin from Bacilus amyloliquefaciens RHNK 22 Hyderabad TELANGANA
231 Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Non-wearable vitals and sleep monitoring device Bangalore KARNATAKA
232 Multiversal Industries Pvt. Ltd., Atmospheric pressure plasma based low cost medical equipment sterilization device Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
233 Predible Health EGFR Mutation Status Prediction using Non-Invasive Imaging in Lung Cancer Trivandrum KERALA
234 MicroGO LLP On the GO, Powerless, Steamless Surgical Sterilizer for Resource Limited Settings Chennai TAMIL NADU
235 Docturnal Private Limited Non-invasive screening for early detection of Tuberculosis through mobility and machine learning leveraging spectral analysis of the cough Secunderabad TELANGANA
236 Oncosimis Biotech Pvt Ltd Establishment of AcceT technology for higher yield production of biologic drugs in CHO cells HYDERABAD TELANGANA
237 Innaumation Medical Devices AUM voice prosthesis Bengaluru KARNATAKA
239 Auraphyll Innoventures India Private Limited Pulping & Processing of Crustacean Waste to Yield Pharmaceutical Grade Chitosan Erode TAMIL NADU
240 BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited UAV/Drone-based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing & AI enabled advisory services for Menthol Mint cropping system to enhance productivity and reduce yield losses. Delhi DELHI
241 Srikara Biologicals Private Limited Development of a live, attenuated Fowl Adenovirus 4-based candidate poultry vaccine against Hepatitis-Hydropericardium Syndrome Tirupati ANDHRA PRADESH
242 Innotech intervention private limited Production of organic mushrooms fortified with Vitamin D – A mission to enhance skill, livelihood and profitability in northeast India Guwahati ASSAM
243 FastSense Diagnostics Pvt Ltd Electrochemical Point of care Portable Detection Kit for Liver cancer PUNE MAHARASHTRA
245 Aodh Lifesciences Private Limited Intravascular Oxygen filled Nanobubbles for attenuation of Critical Care Hypoxia. Hyderabad TELANGANA
246 Devlina Das Flocco-A Biodegradable Flocculation Filter Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
247 Sangutech Enterprises Private Limited Agonists free point of care platelet function test for early warning system Kolkata WEST BENGAL
248 BeAble Health Pvt Ltd ARM-ABLE : An interactive arm training rehabilitative device. Fun therapy, Better recovery. Hyderabad TELANGANA
249 Cyonics cyto solutions private limited Development of point of care instrumentation and kits for epidermal tissue harvesting and dissociation for application in Wound care, Burns and leukoderma / Vitiligo treatment Hyderabad TELANGANA
250 Urvogelbio Private Ltd Development of non-invasive Alzheimer disease diagnostics. Hyderabad TELANGANA
251 INTERA HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED Preservative-Free Ophthalmic Formulation to Treat Glaucoma Narasaraopet ANDHRA PRADESH
252 AAPAH INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Estimation of crop yield at farm scale using multi-satellite remote sensing combined with the Bigdata and physical based modelling Hyderabad, Rangareddi, TELANGANA
254 Bhapra Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. "Development of mosquito repellent military uniform impregnated with micro-encapsulated formulations through novel and unique pressure plasma technique". Hyderabad TELANGANA
255 Madhusudhana Murthy J Synergistic formulation for effective control of agricultural pests JAIPUR RAJASTHAN
256 V V Lakshmi Keratinase Enzyme Production from Feather Waste Tirupati ANDHRA PRADESH
258 Molecular Solutions Care Health OneSpot: A Dried Blood Spot Device for HIV and Viral Hepatitis Screening, Quantification and Genotyping Chennai TAMIL NADU
259 Evelabs Technologies Pvt Ltd Wireless Infusion Controller over IOT mesh network. KOLLAM KERALA
260 Iosynth labs private limited Novel strategy for the enzymatic acylation of echinocandins. Bengaluru KARNATAKA
261 Sowjanya madala Disposable Organic Brushes Shaving brush, Tooth Brush and Bath brush made from Discarded Crop Fibers. This is Natural, Eco friendly completely biodegradable, prepared from renewable sources in low cost for hygienic purpose, Single use. Amaravathi ANDHRA PRADESH
262 Solbots self learning prosthetic hand based on voice commands Hyderabad TELANGANA
263 Biodesign Innovation Labs Oxygen Therapy for Children below 5 years to reduce Neonatal & Pediatric Mortality in Developing Countries. BENGALURU KARNATAKA
264 CHROGENE AAROGYAM BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED Non invasive Point of care diagnostics for Sickle cell Disease HYDERABAD TELANGANA
265 Heamac healthcare Pvt Ltd Modular and Multi-surface Neonatal Phototherapy System Hyderabad TELANGANA
266 Vikas Sahu Handheld smart dental instrument to visualize "dental pulp chamber and canal orifice" for root canal treatment. Fasalwadi, Sangareddy TELANGANA
267 Jyotsnendu Giri FiT-Gel: Antibacterial, host-modulating and regenerative novel gel formulation for effective, affordable solution of chronic periodontitis Hyderabad TELANGANA
268 Azooka Life Sciences LLP Validation of a Safe Nucleic Acid Stain for PCR and QPCR Applications Bengaluru KARNATAKA
269 Kvayat Medical Private Limited Non-invasive and Hygienic Faecal Collection Device for patients in ICU Hyderabad TELANGANA
270 Tanay Shah Above Knee Intelligent Powered Prosthetic Leg Vadodara GUJARAT
271 PremNandhini Satgunam Pediatric Perimeter: A device to measure visual fields Hyderabad TELANGANA
272 Sreelatha Development of a Novel Process for a single step extraction of Alpha-1-antitrypsin from Human plasma Hyderabad, India TELANGANA
273 Albus EcoProjects Private Limited Development of a Novel Expression System with Inbuilt Quality Control for the Production of Fully Folded and Active Recombinant Proteins. Hyderabad TELANGANA
274 Startoon Labs Private Limited Pheezee - an intelligent device for physiotherapy monitoring Secunderabad TELANGANA
275 NEMOCARE WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED Nemocare Raksha :An IoT enabled smart Wearable along with an intelligent decision support system to augment non invasive clinical hemodynamic monitoring to predict and identify early markers for late onset of sepsis and periodic shock in neonates Hyderabad TELANGANA
276 Manoj Kumar R Novel trap and kairomone to control fruit flies damage in horticulture crops BENGALURU KARNATAKA
277 Mudrika Khandelwal Herbal antimicrobial panty liners for the prevention and mitigation of vulvovaginal candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis Hyderabad TELANGANA
279 Aravind Kumar Rengan Cervico-vaginal fluid retriever device for the screening of cervical cancer/CIN/vaginal infections by colorimetric technique. Hyderabad TELANGANA
280 Roopavath Uday Kiran Regenerative bone fillers and custom scaffolds with an inherent angiogenic ability for periodontal bone diseases fabricated using natural bone inspired calcium phosphates containing Sr2+ and Mg2+ Hyderabad TELANGANA
281 Dr. Manali Datta Non Invasive chronic kidney disease nanosensor for point-of-care diagnosis Jaipur RAJASTHAN
282 Abhishek Rai A portable, and modular robotic physical rehabilitation device which assists in mobility and strength recovery of knee, elbow and wrist using strength feedback and gamification, for use in space constrained physiotherapy settings. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
283 SOUJHE Innovative Healthcare Devices Pvt Ltd Internet of Things enabled Active & Passive upper limb rehabilitation device supporting full range of motions with integrated games. Hyderabad TELANGANA
284 JSP Enviro Private Limited Development of an energy efficient Bionano-electrochemical system for textile effluent treatment Chennai TAMIL NADU
285 SKELREGEN PRIVATE LIMITED Defect specific Bone implant for maxillofacial reconstruction SECUNDERABAD TELANGANA
286 NadiPulse Prognostics Pvt Ltd Fully Automatic and scientific device for nadi parikshan. Gorakhpur UTTAR PRADESH
288 SkinCurate Research Private Limited Multispectral Optical Imaging and Computing Technologies for Realtime In situ Functional Characterization and Monitoring of Cutaneous Wound Healing Progression Kharagpur WEST BENGAL
289 Dr. Luna Goswami Development of De-metalizer Kit from Biopolymers for Efficient Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Contaminated Water Especially of the Mining Areas Bhubaneswar ORISSA
290 Dr. Sorokhaibam Sureshkumar Singh Development of food colourants and textile dyes from natural pigments of microbial origin Nirjuli ARUNACHAL PRADESH
291 Dr. Biswadeep Das Multiplexed bead based suspension array for dengue serotyping Bhubaneswar ORISSA
292 Raghabendra Samantaray Optically tuneable nanobio-sensor for detecting the efficacy of mosquitocidal repellants Bhubaneswar ORISSA
293 Chaitali Surve Design and evaluation of novel formulations of some anti- cancer drugs for metronomic chemotherapy. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
294 Aparna Rao Tear Dipstick immunoassay for diagnosis of adult primary glaucoma Bhubaneswar ORISSA
295 CyCa OncoSolutions Development of a molecular needle as a novel platform for delivery of anticancer drugs Bhubaneswar ORISSA
296 Lattice Innovations Pvt Ltd Networked Critical Care Monitoring in Low Resource Settings Kolkata WEST BENGAL
297 Priti Sundar Mohanty Point-of-Care Diagnostic Kit for Diarrheal Bacterial Pathogens Bhubaneswar ORISSA
298 Dr. Surajit Bhattacharjee Detection and diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection through development of a rapid and sensitive non-invasive agglutination method. Agartala TRIPURA
299 Avinash Sonawane Development and evaluation of therapeutic efficacy of novel Escherichia coli asparaginase for the treatment of childhood acute lymphatic leukemia BhubaneswaR ORISSA
300 Trans Integra Healthcare Pvt Ltd Development and Validation of a Low-Cost Micro device for Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease Bhubaneswar ORISSA
301 SynThera Biomedical Private Limited Dental alloplasts made from bioactive phosphate glasses Pune MAHARASHTRA
302 EMBRYYO TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Design, prototyping and testing of novel, self-expandable, axially flexible non-vascular stents at one-tenth the cost of similar products Pune MAHARASHTRA
303 Visargha Agri Sciences Private Limited Development of a Genetic Transformation Kit for Plants Bhubaneswar ORISSA
304 Adit Bioscience Private Limited Affordable sexed semen technology for successful dairy farming Indore MADHYA PRADESH
305 DEE DEE Labs To demonstrate POC for a Non-invasive Myoelectric arm with SEMG sensors and Machine Learning algorithms Amravati MAHARASHTRA
306 Smrita Development of Economically Viable Products for Microbial & Mammalian Cell culture, Animal Nutrition etc., by Recovering Silk-Sericin from the Industrial Effluents by Implementing Novel Strategies for Degumming and Recovery Bangalore KARNATAKA
307 BIOLUCENS INNOVATIONS PVT LTD Process Development for the Production of UV-protective, Antioxidative and Antimicrobial Pigments from Bacterial Source Using Dairy Waste Ranchi JHARKHAND
308 Dr Debasis Biswas Developing improved diagnostics for Dengue, based on NASBA assay of non-invasive clinical samples Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH
309 Rahul Chatterjee Development of novel enzyme based processing aid for the reduction of acrylamide in different thermally processed food products Bhubaneswar ORISSA
310 MAKK CURATIVES OPC PRIVATE LIMITED Biodegradable & Medicated Root Canal Scaffolds- A Potential Breakthrough in Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Bhubaneswar ORISSA
311 Lorven Biologics Private Limited Management of Indian snake bites by developing a IgY based LFA-SVDK for cost effective onsite application. Srikakulam ANDHRA PRADESH
312 PRO-BIOKEM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Value added products from agricultural waste BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
313 Suryasnata Rath Nasolacrimal Recanalizer: Novel Minimally-Invasive Treatment for Chronic Dacryocystitis Bhubaneswar ORISSA
314 Shaon Ray Chaudhuri Microbial consortium based biofertilizer for increased Ramie Fiber yield West Tripura TRIPURA
315 Vidcare Innovations Pvt. Ltd. An integrated immunoassay device for community screening Delhi DELHI
316 Ameliorate Biotech Privet Limited Development of Innovative cloning strategy and process for Ranibizumab production in antibiotic free media for high yield, better purity and cost effective. BANGALORE KARNATAKA
317 OHS BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED RapCHIK: An affordable antigen based diagnostic kit for early detection of acute Chikungunya virus infection New delhi DELHI
318 Rmmedi Innovations Private Limited Commercial production of low cost Negative Pressure Wound Therapy device for the purpose of providing affordable health care UDUPI KARNATAKA
319 SMRUTI REKHA PRIYADARSHINI TiMiS Tissue fluid microbiology screening tool - A novel screening tool for rapid detection of ocular pathogens BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
320 Raman Parkesh Venoms derived drugs for multi drug resistant-tuberculosis Chandigarh CHANDIGARH
321 Jubeln lifesciences Novel Drug eluting Bio film platform for Oral and Topical delivery with extensive applications for the Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics & Personal Care industries Bangalore KARNATAKA
322 Microbloom Tech Private Limited Commercial scale cultivation of microalgae in proprietary tubular photo bioreactor, extracting valuable compounds like Phycocyanin, Astaxanthin from algae biomass using novel extraction methods for both human & animal nutrition applications Bargarh ORISSA
323 Smartify Health Pvt. Ltd Smart IV, a biomedical device for efficient surveillance of inpatients on IV line Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
324 Miraqules MedSolutions Private Limited Development of a commercially viable and easily applicable first acting haemostatic agent — A First Aid Essential Burdwan WEST BENGAL
325 Ashoke Sharon Cross-linked protein matrix hydrogels CPMH as topical formulation for skin regeneration Ranchi JHARKHAND
326 Nishat Passricha Multilegume rhizobial biofertilizer for profitable pulse farming Karnal HARYANA
327 R. Aswati Nair Development of endophyte-based biopesticides for pre- and post-harvest soft-rot disease management Kasaragod KERALA
328 Abikshyeet Panda Development of Novel Electromagnetic Wave Based Rapid Tissue Fixation and Processing Device Bhubaneswar ORISSA
329 Biomac life scienecs Pvt Ltd Development and validation of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells for the treatment of patients with recurrent or relapsed B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Ahmedabad GUJARAT
330 PURPLAS IT SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED Real-time Object Recognition in Ultrasound Video for Detection and Censoring of Foetal Genitals KOLKATA WEST BENGAL
331 Ekistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Autologous Reconstruction of Aortic valve AuRA Bhubaneswar ORISSA
332 Comofi Medtech Pvt Ltd An augmented reality based robotic device to access kidney for PCNL surgery Bangalore KARNATAKA
333 Tvasta Bio-Science Private Limited Manufacturing of Customized PEEK Implants using 3D Printing Bengaluru KARNATAKA
334 Alicorn Medical Private Limited PrisTINE: a technology for fabricating wound healing matrices from mammalian tissues for rapid wound healing. THIRUVANANTHAPURAM KERALA
335 Chimera Translational Research Fraternity Pvt Ltd Development of solid phase multiplex assay for the identification of antibodies against most frequent and unique Indian HLA antigens. Delhi DELHI
336 Arrelic Reliability Private Limited Krsika: An Intelligent, Cost effective Predictive Soil Management System through IOT sensors and AI/ML based Analytics platform. Bhubaneswar ORISSA
337 EzeRx Health Tech Pvt Ltd Non-Invasive Non-Contact Robust Portable Hand-held device for Accurate Measurement of Haemoglobin Concentration Egra WEST BENGAL
338 Neukelp Innovation Technology Private Limited Neukelp Posture Bhubaneswar ORISSA
339 Krimmi Biotech LLP A Novel Eco-friendly process to induce the silkworm to produce naturally colored silk fibre of desired choice with increased yield DAVANGERE KARNATAKA
340 Rethi Madathil Bio-inspired Small Molecule Mimetics of Host Defense Peptide to Treat Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections ABSSSI Chandigarh CHANDIGARH
341 KAS Institute of Research Private Limited Development of QPCR product components for detection of DNA impurity in biologics drug production and for clinical diagnostics application. Pune MAHARASHTRA
343 Lora Mishra Development of Novel Endodontic File Viewing Box BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
344 Dr. Vidya K.C. “ Nano-particle Impregnation on Surgical Silk Suture to reduce its Capillarity and Tissue reaction- A Novel Approach” Bhubaneswar ORISSA
345 A. Soumya Rao Point-of-care rapid nutrient testing and soil health analyser or Soil-Pen Bhubaneswar ORISSA
346 R Jayabalan Drop-in compostable kitchen trash bags from waste tea fungus cellulose Rourkela ORISSA
347 Dr. ADNAN NAIM Cryopreservation of Chicken Kadaknath and Aseel Primordial Germ Cells PGCs for Commercial poultry breeding line development BAREILLY UTTAR PRADESH
348 Dr. G. ShyamSunder Reddy Enzymatic Production of High-Pure Xylooligosaccharides as a Bifidogenic Nutraceutical from Bagasse Mahbubnagar TELANGANA
349 Dr. Devjani Ghosh Shrestha Patient Stratification for Transoral Robotic Surgery in Oropharyngeal Cancers through development of a Non-invasive HPV Detection Panel Kolkata WEST BENGAL
350 Raghu Burli N Management of Crop Diseases via Drone Assisted Detection of Pheromones and Kairomones in a Cotton Farming Land Bangalore KARNATAKA
351 Vaseeharan Development of marine polysaccharides mediated nanoproducts for shrimp disease management Karaikudi TAMIL NADU
352 IHeal Innovations LLP Electrically Active Anti-Microbial Bandage for Wound Healing South Delhi DELHI
353 Bijayananda panigrahi A novel, cost-effective material with enhanced activity and thermostability: a new generation protease inhibitor for biotech industry. Bhubaneswar ORISSA
355 BALASORE AGRO PRIVATE LIMITED Innovated Multi-crop seed drill for sowing of Groundnut,Maize,Black/green grame ,Soyabean etc. during the cultivation for small and marginal farmer. Balasore ORISSA
356 STEWARD GRACIAN Assistive Oral Care Device for long term bedridden elderly BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
357 Pijush Giri Highly Biocompatible and Injectable hydrogel for prevention of post-surgical adhesions Rourkela ORISSA
358 Venkatesh Chelvam Indigenous Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals for Detection and Therapy of Prostate Malignancy Indore MADHYA PRADESH
359 SRUTHI BABU A smart locomotory device with a novel mechanism for defecation assistance Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
360 INOCHI CARE PRIVATE LIMITED A frugal multi therapeutic wound care solution for resource constraint healthcare settings. Jorhat ASSAM
361 UTOPIA NUTRACEUTICALS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED A Novel Food Fortification Technology addressing Trace Metal Malnutrition Hidden Hunger VIJAYAWADA ANDHRA PRADESH
362 Primary Healthtech pvt ltd Nanotechnology based affordable, portable and easy to use multi diagnostic point-of-care device for Kidney, Liver, Pancreas, and Thyroid disorders New delhi
363 PHIXGEN PRIVATE LIMITED Up-scaling and commercialization of 24-desmethyl rifampicin effective against major first line drug rifampicin resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis" HARYANA HARYANA
364 Shashank Ranebennur Accurate Point-of-Care Quantification of Serum Creatine Kinase, Human Serum Albumin and KIM-1 for Easy and Rapid Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury Bangalore KARNATAKA
365 Ashok Somasundaram Low cost Bone densitometer using back illumination camera array BANGALORE KARNATAKA
366 Dr Rashmi Chowdhary Low Cost, rapid, smart, mobile early cervical cancer diagnostic device Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH
367 Bioscan Research Private Limited Handheld screening device for instantaneous detection of intracranial bleeding in closed head injured patients Ahmedabad GUJARAT
368 Neha Arya MicroTumor Tek: A high throughput screening platform for personalized therapy Bhopal MADHYA PRADESH
369 Deeksha Pandey DeeScope: A Novel Integrated System for Gynecological Examination Manipal KARNATAKA
370 SHIKHA AHIRWAR Smartphone/camera based upgradation of existing fluorescence spectroscopic devices for early cancer diagnosis KANPUR NAGAR UTTAR PRADESH
371 Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya Lateral Flow Immunoassay based Point-of-Care Diagnostic Device for Ultrasensitive Colorimetric Detection of Dengue Kanpur UTTAR PRADESH
372 Kanpur Flowercycling Pvt. Ltd Helpusgreen® Bio-leather – Animal free leather made from floral-waste Kanpur UTTAR PRADESH
373 Dr. Harlal Singh Mali Remedial Orthosis for CTEV Clubfoot Jaipur RAJASTHAN
374 AJITH MATHEW Automatic Cocoa Bean Separating Machine KOTHAMANGALAM KERALA
375 Ruby gupta Tamarind hydrocolloid: A critical import substitute for pectin Jamshedpur JHARKHAND
376 Kritsnam Technologies Irrigation Scheduling using realtime data on Water Availability and Requirement ISWAR KANPUR UTTAR PRADESH
377 Nikky Kumar Jha Development of a retrofittable device for rapid urine testing Bhagalpur BIHAR
378 CELLZYME BIOTECH Green Manufacturing of Cephalosporin Antibiotics Using Recombinant Deacetylase METTUPALAYAM. COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU
379 Swasti Agro & Bioproducts Pvt Ltd Novel Chitosan derivative for building SAR in plants: specifically leaf blight of Pomegranate caused by Xanthomonas sp. Pune MAHARASHTRA
380 EXOCAN HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED To demonstrate Proof of Concept for a novel, non-invasive exosome -based screening (for early detection) cum diagnostic kit for multiple cancers (using one test) utilizing patient derived biofluids Pune MAHARASHTRA
381 InDNA Research Labs Private Limited To demonstrate proof-of-concept for an automated clinical analysis and annotation pipeline for NGS based somatic cancer genomic test for diagnosis, prognosis and personalized therapy. This will enable low cost and actionable genomic testing in India. Pune MAHARASHTRA
382 TANIA PAUL To demonstrate proof of concept to develop a novel, cost effective, non-allergic herbal formulation for management of spontaneous bleeding and allied complications in multiple coagulation disorders. Pune MAHARASHTRA
383 MOLQBITS SENSORS AND DATA PRIVATE LIMITED A Novel Pocket Scanner based on Raman Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Food, Water, and Agricultural Products. Pune MAHARASHTRA
384 Mr Yogesh Subhash Badhe Direct beta thalassemia carrier detection kit Pune MAHARASHTRA
385 Mother Diagnostic Systems Private Limited Design second stage of prototype for Low cost, low dosage Digital X-Ray using TDI sensor Bangalore KARNATAKA
386 VISINT HEALTH CARE PRIVATE LIMITED Development of smartphone based eye imaging system Manipal KARNATAKA
387 INNOVATION BIOLOGICALS PVT.LTD Production of Cyclodextrins/CGTase enzyme using a Membrane Cell Recycle Bioreactor(MCRB) Pune MAHARASHTRA
388 Weinnovate Biosolutions A novel organic and inorganic nano-formulation for rapid wound healing and control of infection Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
389 Croleon Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. Innovative scar-free organ retractor for reduced port laparoscopic surgery Pune MAHARASHTRA
390 BioPrime Agri Solutions Pvt Ltd Process to produce double haploid parental lines with new, unique, rare genetic combinations using DH technology coupled with a strategy to increase or alter meiotic recombination in the model system of mustard. Pune MAHARASHTRA
392 Rishi Adhikary Development of a point-of-care device for prenatal diagnosis of congenital anomalies. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
393 CRIMSON HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED SphinX - Ostomy management device New Delhi DELHI
394 OmiX Research and Diagnostics Laboratories Pvt. Lt DNA Testing on Disposable Plastic Biochips: A High Sensitivity Platform for Malaria Detection BANGALORE KARNATAKA
395 SENSIVISION HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED Affordable and Safe therapy for Neonates with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy Bengaluru KARNATAKA
396 REVY Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A cost effective process of making Anaerobic Granulated Sludge optimized for quick start-up and easy operation of UASB in WWTP while making the process energy efficient, achieving higher COD removal rate, high yield of CH4 at higher loading rates Vadodara GUJARAT
397 Lumisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd A gonio camera without a slit lamp BANGALORE KARNATAKA
399 JC OrthoHeal PVT LTD FlexiOH: Breathable, Washable and Lightweight cast immobilization for fractured bone. Surendranagar GUJARAT
400 VMP ORTHO INNOVATIONS LLP System for Accurate Guide-wire Positioning in Orthopedic Surgery Pune MAHARASHTRA
401 Seelen Healthtech Private Limited An Automated Rehabilitation device for Oral Cancer Patients Thrissur KERALA
403 Ouija Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Novel fermentation process for fragrant agarwood oil production Guwahati ASSAM
404 Indius Medical Technologies Development of a Novel Self Actuating Hydraulics based Growing Rod Technology for Growth Induced Correction in Early Onset Spinal Scoliosis Pune MAHARASHTRA
405 Dzeal private limited Rotary endodontic file in basket form NERUL / THANE MAHARASHTRA
406 Rajamadhangi Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Development and validation of Indigenous Dialysis Cartridge MANIPAL KARNATAKA
407 BlackFrog Technologies Sanjivani- A Vaccine Carrier Kundapur KARNATAKA
408 Kozhnosys Private Limited Rapid breath based screening device for breast cancer Pune MAHARASHTRA
409 Kumudha Health Tech Pvt. Ltd. 3D diagnostic and treatment planning tool for the spinal disorders Manipal KARNATAKA
410 Ayu Devices Pvt Ltd Development of a modular device to convert conventional stethoscope into digital with amplification, noise filtering and recording. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
411 Solitarius Biologicals Pvt. Ltd. Development of human anti-chikungunya-IgM ELISA kit and novel lateral flow assay using chikungunya virus-like-particle Pune MAHARASHTRA
412 SAMARTHAKRUPA LIFESCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED To demonstrate proof of concept for autologous regenerative therapy using platelet rich fibrin enriched with human herniated intervertebral disc tissue to enhance regeneration of human herniated intervertebral disc Chiplun, Ratnagiri MAHARASHTRA
413 MediAsha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Instasplint-The first-aid kit which we can use to immobilize the affected limb instantly Pune MAHARASHTRA
414 KBCOLS SCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED Microbial colorants: An alternative to waste generating & water polluting synthetic colors Dombivili MAHARASHTRA
415 Biopraxis Private Limited To demonstrate POC for a novel, Nano-conjugate based dialysis cartridge system that reduces blood urea which can be appended to existing dialysis machines resulting in reduction of patient dialysis duration from 4 hours to 1 hour. Aurangabad MAHARASHTRA
416 Ahammune Biosciences Private Limited To demonstrate "proof of concept for triazole based NCEs efficacy for the treatment of vitiligo Pune MAHARASHTRA
417 OmniBrx Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd. Proof of concept studies to validate innovative Dynamic Bed Reactor technology by evaluating growth potential of mammalian cell lines Ahmedabad GUJARAT
418 Sarvoshadhi Biotech Private Limited Development of Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium and Feed Kolhapur MAHARASHTRA
419 UTILIS BIOSCIENCES PRIVATE LIMITED OrchiDia - Test strips for simultaneous detection of Cymbidium Mosaic Virus and Odontoglossum Ringspot Virus infecting Orchids. Coimbatore TAMIL NADU
420 LeanCrop Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. LeanProtect- Technology assistance software and hardware for preventive protection against pests & diseases in crops to reduce the losses and increase the yields. Pune MAHARASHTRA
421 PROGNOSTICS IN-MED PVT LTD Clinical Decision Support Tool for Neurological Disorders Pune MAHARASHTRA
422 ENDIMENSION TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED Using Artificial Intelligence for abnormality detection in and analysis of medical images. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
423 Connexon Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Proof of Concept for a bacteriophage resistant dairy starter culture for industrial dairy fermentation process Pune MAHARASHTRA
424 ATRIMED BIOTECH LLP Validation of plant based anti-psoriatics Bangalore KARNATAKA
425 Sabran Bioenttri Pvt Ltd "Green Fodder Forever" - Deficit of over 665 million ton of green fodder in India can be ably met via lush green and nutritious algal biomass as feed coat to dry fodder making it "Green Fodder Forever" in an innovative biotech way. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
426 BioAptagen Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. An inexpensive DNA based diagnostic kit for early detection of Urinary Tract Infections Guwahati ASSAM
427 Pacify Medical Technologies Private Limited A dermo-epidermal suspension spray device Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
428 Velpandian Development and Validation of TransReCon Technique for Sterile Pharmaceutical Preparations New Delhi DELHI
429 Aishwarya Nair Rapid indicator of contaminant levels for hygiene monitoring in public settings crucial to healthcare Pune MAHARASHTRA
430 SENSE IT OUT INTELLIGENT SOLUTIONS PVT LTD To demonstrate Proof of concept for a low-cost, crop-centric, automated irrigation management system hardware + software using scalable wireless technology with the help of a novel low-cost soil evapotranspiration sensor. Pune MAHARASHTRA
431 Atmen Technovention Pvt. Ltd. Proof of Concept for A device to Monitor and Detect Obstruction in Endotracheal Tube Pune MAHARASHTRA
432 Ayati Devices Pvt. Ltd. Portable Diabetic Foot Screening Device Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
433 Tenon Meditech LLP Develop smart applicators and electrodes with controller to extend the reach of electrochemotherapy ECT to cervical and colorectal cancer tumours Pune MAHARASHTRA
434 On My Own Technology Pvt Ltd Proposed in-shoe sensor integrated wearable device measures & analyses Spatio-Temporal gait data which can be used by physiotherapist, orthopedics, rehabilitation centers, neurologists & hospitals to monitor & track line of treatment. Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
435 Ekam Rehab Tech Private Limited Development of affordable smartwalker/Gait trainer for cerebralplasy children Udupi KARNATAKA
436 Intessence Solutions Private Limited To develop endosseous dental implant system having superior product features, is of high quality and manufactured with low costs Bangalore KARNATAKA
437 Intignus Biotech Pvt Ltd Development of a point-of-care, early screening test for detection of preeclampsia in pregnant women Pune MAHARASHTRA
438 Synersense Private Limited Wearable and portable gait monitoring device i-Sens for clinical assessment of movement disorders for people with locomotion disability Ahmedabad GUJARAT
439 Prayasta 3D Inventions Pvt Ltd Patient specific, personalized, lightweight, leakproof breast implants for mastectomy patients using novel internal architecture for properties comparable to natural breast tissue or best in class products Bangalore KARNATAKA
440 MedPrime Technologies Private Limited Multi-modal intelligent microscope for automated diagnosis and telepathology Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
441 NT Labs Private Limited NeuroBuds: Brain Wave Mapping Smart Earphones Vadakara KERALA
442 AmpViv Healthcare Pvt Ltd Preventive oral care personal use device Bengaluru KARNATAKA
443 Gingigraft Pvt.Ltd Establishment of Ready to Use Cellular Scaffold for Treatment of Mucogingival Deformities Around Natural Teeth and Dental Implants Pimpri, Pune - 411018 MAHARASHTRA
444 Relicus Bio Development of a viable bioprocess for microbial production of commercially important carotenoids Chennai TAMIL NADU
445 Fuma Labs Private Limited To demonstrate proof of concept for improvised structural and economic performance of crop residue driven engineered wood particle boards, MDF etc. using a formaldehyde free adhesive Pune MAHARASHTRA
446 Aumeesh tech pvt. Ltd Mechanically Activated Stance Controlled Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis Mumbai MAHARASHTRA
447 PRECISURG PRIVATE LIMITED Adjustable surgical osteotomy guide for accurate mandibular tumor resection Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
449 Oko Icare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. To Demonstrate proof of concept for Glaucoma Screener Nagpur MAHARASHTRA
450 TeraLumen Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In situ Reagentless Detection of Breast Cancer Margins using a Portable Probe Combining Multispectral Terahertz and Infrared Spectroscopy Chennai TAMIL NADU
451 Prosthocentric Private Limited Device to record vertical, orientation and centric jaw relation simultaneously in one step PUNE MAHARASHTRA
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