Introduction and Scope Of The Fund

Bio-incubation allows harnessing of the entrepreneurial potential of startups by providing access to infrastructure, mentoring as well as networking platforms that the startups could use during their fledgling days. It helps the young entitites to survive by providing them specialised support services during the critical period of a business venture i.e. the start-up phase.

While the Bioincubators are able to support the "Space, Services and Knowledge" requirements of startups, wide gap exists in financial support required by a technology driven start up in the initial phase. BIRACs initiative -Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Fund ("SEED Fund") primarily aims to address this need through the Incubators.

The basic idea of SEED Fund is providing Capital assistance to startups with new and meritorious ideas, innovations and technologies. This would enable some of these start-ups to graduate to a level where they will be able to raise investments from angel/Venture capitalist or they will reach a position to seek loans from commercial banks /financial institutions. Thus the proposed seed support is positioned to act as a bridge between promoters investment and Venture/Angel investment. This is not an investment scheme, but, rather a support scheme to enable start-ups and incubator to attain sustainability.

Funding Framework

Under Incubator SEED Fund, BIRAC will provide Grant-in-aid Assistance to selected BIRAC funded incubators based on certain establishment and operational criteria. Initially BIRAC shall identify up to five incubators and expand further in due course. Each such selected incubator will be granted up to 200.00 Lakhs for implementation of SEED Fund. Each incubator can design a selection process to screen & select startups for equity and operational funding through SEED Fund (e.g Accelerator program or Direct investment). The provisions stated herein below deal with the essential guiding principles of the initiative.

Eligibility criteria for Partner Incubators

Incubator should have been supported through BIRAC's Bio-NEST Scheme

Incubator should be operational since last three years, with at least 5 resident start-ups in Biotech/Life Science start up

Incubator should have established IP&TT facilitation services for startups

Incubator must have prior experience in management of early stage funding schemes or ohter grants


SEED Fund is to help cover the first Valley of Death for Startups and help them to become Investible
16 – SEED Fund Partner BioNEST Incubator
87 – Start-ups supported will upto Rs. 30 Lakhs /Start-up
176 Cr - Follow on funding raised by 55 start-ups
1671 Cr - Combined valuation of 57 start-ups
55 –Number of products commercialised by Start-ups
S.NoSEED Fund Partner BioNEST IncubatorNumber of Startups supportedFollow on Funding Raised by Startups from External sources (Cr)
1Association for Innovation Development of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (a-IDEA)45.15
2Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre30.74
3Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms, Bangalore1317.34
4Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), Pune817.98
5Research Innovation Incubation Design Laboratory Foundation (RIIDL) (Somaiya Vidyavihar)92.54
6IITM Incubation Cell, Madras41.63
7IKP EDEN, Bangalore20.00
8Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology -Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI)86.06
9M/s Vellore Institute of Technology -Technology Business Incubator (VIIT -TBI), Vellore64.99
10M/s Savli Technology & Business Incubator Platform, Vadodara (STBI)12.05
11Foundation for Innovation and Research Science & Technology (FIRST) , Kanpur65.60
12Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE -IIT Bombay)920.98
13Punjab University, Chandigarh10.00
14Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FIIT), IIT Delhi515.40
15IKP Knowledge Park, Hyderabad775.55
16Golden Jubilee Biotechnology Park for women, Chennai10.00
 Total87176 Cr

S.NoName of Startup
1Agverse Technologies
2Fishy Farmers
3Fermentech Labs Pvt. Ltd
4GreenPod Labs
5Airshed Planning Professionals Private Limited
6Incredible Device Private limited
7Kanpur Flowercycling Private Limited (PHOOL.CO)
8Tattva Hical and Compounds Private Limited
9Surobhi Agro Industries Private Limited
10Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt Ltd
11Cisgen Biotech Discoveries Private Limited
12Troph Bio Private Limited
13Medha Innovation and Development Pvt Ltd
14JSP Enviro Pvt Ltd
15Acuradyne Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd
16Epocare Pvt. Ltd.
17Ayu Devices Pvt. Ltd.
18Haystack Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
19Piscium Health Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
20Ameliorate Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
21Endimension Technology Pvt. Ltd
22Immunoadoptive Cell Therapy Pvt. Ltd
23Chainworks Digital Pvt. Ltd
24Shilps Sciences Pvt. Ltd
25Eyestem Pvt. Ltd
26OCT Therapies Pvt. Ltd
27Rcupe Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd
28FIB-SOL Life Technologies Pvt. Ltd
29Spot Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
30Sensivision Health Technologies Pvt
31Hanugen Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd
32Cartosense Pvt. Ltd
33Nesa Medtech Pvt. Ltd
34AIDIA Health
35Lifespark technologies
36Ubiqare Health
37BioPrime Agrisolutions Pvt Ltd
38Synthera Biomedicals Pvt Ltd
39Kozhnosys Pvt Ltd
40Vidcare Technologies Pvt Ltd
41Blackfrog Technologies Pvt Ltd
42Ouija Biosolutions Pvt Ltd
43Pragmatech Healthcare Solutions Pvt
44FastSense Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd.
45Ashva Wearable Technologies Pvt.Ltd
46Punar Rehab Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
47Symbionic Tech Pvt.Ltd
48Lamark Biotech Pvt.Ltd
49Tishyas Medical Devices and Development Solutions
50Bariflo Labs Pvt.Ltd
51Samplytics Technologies Pvt. Ltd
52Predible Health Pvt. Ltd.
53BRUN Health Pvt. Ltd
54Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
55Mestastop Solutions Pvt Ltd
56Brainsight Technology Pvt Ltd
57Startoon Labs Pvt Ltd
58Krea foods and beverages
59InDNA Life Sciences
60Pro-Biokem India Pvt Ltd
61Miraqules Medisolution Pvt Ltd
62Primary Healthtech Pvt Ltd
66Redroom Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
67Kriya Labs Pvt. Ltd
68Agsmartic Technologies Pvt
69Aerogram Pvt. Ltd
70M/s MicroFoods Pvt. Ltd.
71Joyponic Farms Private Limited
72Inphlox Water Systems Private Limited
73Beaniesnak Foods Private Limited
74Savemom Private Limited
75Bio-Nano-Hub Private Limited
76Radiate Healthcare Innovations Pvt Ltd
77Rymo Technologies Pvt Ltd
78STEMTECH Medical Devices
79Anatomech Pvt Ltd
82Neuome Technologies Private Limited
83REVY Environment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
84Bioneem Tec India Private Limited
85Fermedicius Labs Pvt Ltd
86Anscer Robotics Private Limited
87MicroRadical 360 Pvt. Ltd

For details guidelines please refer to the Guidelines   Click Here