India Bio-Economy Report tracks macro indicators of national Bio-Economy on an annual basis. Reporting of progress and achievements during any Calendar year becomes due in January next year. Annual progress mapping against the expected growth target of $150 billion Bio-Economy by the year 2025 is critical for course correction and policy-level interventions. This may also influence investments and long-term strategies. The annual Bio-Economy report provides an understanding of the direct and indirect sectoral multiplier cascading effects. This is expected to be a detailed referral document covering various aspects of the Indian Bioeconomy, including but not limited to the following:

* Overall size and structure of the Indian Biotechnology sector

* Overview of sub-sectors, Sub-Sectoral movers (potential growth) and growth dampeners, etc.

* Landscape of Biotechnology infrastructures in India

* Socio-economic performance

* Role of SMEs and startups

* Incorporation of new biotech startups during the year

* Highlights and overall performance of biotech startups

* National and regional Clusters highlights, new initiatives, and related networks

* Manufacturing Parks activity (new investments, state-level output, etc.)

* Foreign Direct Investments in Biotech Sector

* State level/ National Level- Investment promotion

* Funds/ Investment raised by Industry (Large, SMEs and Startups)

* Beneficiaries of State Biotech policies - at industry level

* Biological manufacturing capacity additions

* New product releases

* Significant milestones achieved by domestic biotech industry

* Policy and regulatory changes insights

* Overview and analysis of steps and measures by Government that stimulate growth of the sector

* Individual BioEconomy data for all the major bioclusters (key states)

* Analysis of comparative performance of various clusters

* Analysis of the segments that are seeing significant innovation

* Other relevant matters and updates

The Annual Report to be prepared should comprise detailed Data tables, analytical infographics and diagrams in context with the key indicators mentioned above.

Last Date to Submit: 20th October, 2023: 5:30 PM

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