Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council

(A Govt. of India Enterprise)


Ref. No: BIRAC/HR&A/007/2016/ENQ-010


Last Downloading date of Bid Document:

(Bid Closing Date & Time)   

14th  December, 2016. At 1400 Hrs. (IST)


Last date of Submission of bids:                  

14th  December, 2016. At 1400 Hrs. (IST)

Place of submission:                                                   

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)

1st Floor ,MTNL Building ,9 , CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Phone: + 91-11-24389600

Fax: + 91-11-24389611

Bid Opening Date & Time:    

14th December, 2016. At 1500 Hrs. (IST)

Bid Opening Place :                                                       

BIRAC office address mentioned above

Tender Documents

1. Invitation for Tender

2. Eligibility Criteria & Cover System

3. Pre-qualification Criteria Envelope -1

4.0. TECHNICAL BID: Envelope -2

4.1. General Information about the bidder

4.2. Details of similar assignment

5. Technical  Specification

6. (i) Price Bid Part-1

    (ii). Price Bid Part-2

    (iii) Price Bid Part-3

    (iv) Price Bid Part-4

7. Terms and conditions

8. Bid Opening and Bid Evaluation Criteria (BEC)